Bootlegger Boogie Boss Fight Guide | Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

Published: 2 Jul 2022
Check out the Bootlegger Boogie Boss Fight in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course!

The fun and action Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is officially released and coming with a few bosses that will be a real challenge defeating them. To make it easier for you, we prepared everything you need to know about the fight with the Moonshine Mob, which is tied to the Bootleggers Boogie level.

In this guide, we will show you the Bootlegger Boogie Boss Fight in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course!

Bootlegger Boogie Boss Fight Guide | Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

Before the fight starts, be sure to set your right equipment and abilities to defeat the boss easier.

Preferred Loadout:

  • Character: Ms. Chalice
  • Super: Super I
  • Charm: Cookie Charm
  • Shot-A: Converge
  • Shot-B: Crackshot

This boss fight has 4 different stages, each with a specific area and different attacks from a different mob.

Bootlegger Boogie – Stage 1

This stage is all about screen management. Because there are a lot of enemies that will spawn, you have to make sure to dodge them, or else you will be easily overwhelmed.

The best shot for this is the Converge because the electrical bolts and the spray pattern will let you hit multiple floors at once. It won’t deal a lot of damage to the boss, but you will kill all the foes that spawn while standing in one position.

To avoid the hits, it is recommended to stay on the middle and bottom floors. The bouncing work might be a bit tricky, and if you see the worm make sure to kill it first because it moves very fast and sometimes can hit you twice.

There are a few attacks that you have to be aware of:

  • Gangster Flies: A several bugs that the spider calling for help. They are flying from the background to the foreground. They will focus on you, but also they are easy to kill with few shots.
  • Bouncing Worm: The worm launches from the boss and bounces around with unpredictable movement. It takes only a few shots to kill it.
  • Spider: It moves from one floor to another and if it hit you might deal huge damage to you.
  • Police Bugs: It is a bug in a police suit that appears along either the right or left side of the screen. They are launching a slow-moving smoke projectile that can be dodged or parried if it’s pink color.
  • Hanging Bombs: The spider launches hanging bombs with a skull on them. You have to trigger them and dodge out before they explode.

Bootlegger Boogie – Stage 2

Using Ms.Chalice for this stage will be much helpful. You can make her invincible by pressing the down button and the dash button. You can stay on the bottom floor and roll through the beams.

Once the beams turn red, try to focus them, rather than damaging the boss. The Crackshot is the best choice because it deals great damage.

There are a few attacks from the enemies that you have to be aware of:

  • Rotating Beams: Beams that rotate to the left or to the right. When they are green, they are harmless. When they are yellow means that they are about to start dealing damage, and once is red it will deal a huge damage.
  • Police Bugs: A bugs that spawn and run horizontally through the screen which can be killed pretty easy.
  • Bootlegger Barrels: They move horizontally with a decent speed at one of the floors.

Bootlegger Boogie – Stage 3

This is a very simple stage to pass. You just have to play attention where the boss’s snout is sticking out. Make sure to stay on the opposite side of the screen to avoid the hits while it’s poking.

There will be also a bug ball that you have to avoid. Using the Crackshot and the Super will help you pass this stage pretty easily.

Bootlegger Boogie – Stage 4

There is a snail that fire fast-moving bombs from the top of the screen towards your last location. The snail hides in his hat and suddenly can give you a big hit if you don’t pay attention.