BONELAB: Secret Weapons & Gadgets To Unlock

October 4, 2022
Unlock secret weapons and unleash havoc in Bonelab!

Bonelab is an experimental physics action virtual reality game made by Stress Level Zero. Players are placed in a lab filled with weapons, enemies, puzzles, secrets and more. There is not a lot of story involved with the game and it mainly lets players play in a sandbox-like playground with their VR control and physics. Stress Level Zero enjoys putting little secrets in their levels that only the most curious and attentive players will notice, they’re rewarded with exciting and funny items.

Here’s a list of secret weapons and gadgets in Bonelab.

Secret Weapons & Gadgets To Unlock – BONELAB

Nimbus Gun

It can be found inside the huge bucket above the Sandbox mode entrance.

Using the Nimbus Gun gives you the power of flight while using it.

Toy Balloon Gun

The Toy Balloon Gun can be found on the Monogun Motorway.

The Balloon Gun gives a different way of flight from the Nimbus Gun. The Balloon Gun shoots balloons that stick to your target, making them lighter.

590A1 Shotgun

This shotgun can easily be found in the Gun Range on top of a vending machine.

There’s nothing wrong with classic weapons, and a powerful shotgun would definitely be a great choice.

Board Gun

This can be found in the Container Yard level of the Arena.

This gun lets you construct boards out of thin air and block anything you want or make paths using the boards.

Dev Manipulator

The Dev Manipulator can be found in the Museum Basement of the Sandbox.

It can be used to lift objects in the air similar to telekinesis. It can also be used to slingshot items.

Constrainer Gun

The Contrainer Gun can be found in the Halfway Park level of the Sandbox.

This lets you tether targets onto any surface that you want.