BONELAB: How to Unlock the M16 Holosight

October 2, 2022
Check out this guide and Unlock the M16 Holosight weapon in BONELAB!

BONELAB is a new experimental physics action game that will give you a VR experience. In the mysterious lab, players have to explore different areas, find and unlock different types of weapons and reveal some of the secrets. The M16 Holosight is one pretty unique weapon that you must have on your list, and if you have a hard time getting it, then we have prepared everything for you to get it fast and easy.

This guide will show you How to Unlock the M16 Holosight weapon in BONELAB!

How to Unlock the M16 Holosight – BONELAB

In order to unlock the M16 Holosight weapon, you have to navigate to the Arena, and on the screen of the door select Tunnel Tipper, then the door will open and continue forward.

Inside the Tunnel Tipper, press the “GO” button and then the gate will open and you can continue through the tunnel.

Once you are inside, turn left and continue following the path. You have to pass through the small holes at the bottom of the wall.

In the next room, you need to step on the yellow circle, then jump and it will bounce you up to the wall and you can enter the other side.

Here, you have to climb on the side of the wall and go up to the upper level.

Once you get to the upper level, turn left and you will see a small open passage to a tunnel. Enter there and continue following the path.

At the end of the tunnel, you will come to an area where the path is splitting and now take the right path.

At the end of this tunnel, there will be another yellow circle where you need to jump up to the left side of the wall.

Continue on the platform and then walk on the side of the wall to get to the other side where you can enter the small tunnel.

In the next area, you have to go and jump on the platform at the top of the room.

Here on top of it, in the corner, you will find the M16 Holosight capsule. Pick it up and you will unlock the weapon.

That’s it! Now you can enter your game and go find and unlock this awesome rifle, M16 Holosight in BONELAB.