Bonelab: How to Unlock the Board Gun

October 1, 2022
Check out this guide to see how you can get the Board Gun in Bonelab!

Bonelab is an interesting Virtual Reality action game where you explore different areas and complete various objectives. During your adventures in this game, you will need to fight against enemies and kill them if you want to continue your journey. The game is also filled with various weapons and tools that you can use.

This guide will show you how to get the Board Gun in Bonelab.

How to Unlock the Board Gun – Bonelab

Once you reach the Arena for Fantasy Land, you will be given a few options that you can join:

  • Magma Gate
  • Container Yard
  • Fantasy Yard
  • Tunnel Tipper

Enter the Container Yard and pass through the door.

Once you are there, check out the map to get a better orientation of the area. You will need to head over to the Red void pump and explore that area if you want to find this gadget.

When you’ve made it there, head over to the corner of the room where you will find a small object that you can interact with.

Interacting with the object will show you that you’ve obtained a new gadget which is the Board Gun.