Bonelab: How to Unlock Story Mode

October 8, 2022
Learn how to access the story mode in Bonelab!

Bonelab is an experimental physics VR game where players can explore a mysterious lab full of weapons, enemies, challenges and secrets. After being given a death sentence, you will need to escape from a hidden underground research facility and go through a series of challenges including arenas, obstacle courses, tactical trials, sandboxes, experimental modes, and user-generated levels.

This guide will tell you how to access the story mode in the game.

How to Unlock Story Mode – Bonelab

Unlocking the story mode in the game will give you access to all the avatars as well as additional features found in the campaign. After completing the tutorial, head over to the main hub where you select the different modes available in the game.

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You will notice that there are 6 doors present there and head inside atleast any 3 of the 6 doors present there. Just go in and then exit immediately, you don’t have to play or complete any of the modes.

This will place an orange orb on top of the doors that you have visited. Now go to the crane located all the way across the elevator where the stairs can be found at the back. Go up the stairs and put the two yellow-coloured batteries inside the generator on your right. Just grab them and put them in the designated place.

Use the control panel to move the large crane across the map and use it to suck up the orange orb. Place these orbs in the correct tubes to solve the puzzle and the map will show you where it needs to go. You will need to place all 6 orbs in their designated places to unlock the entire campaign.

After placing all the orbs, you will be able to open the large Quarantine door by pressing the red button next to it. Go through the door and head upstairs to start the story mode in the game.

That’s it, now go ahead and follow these steps to start the story mode in Bonelabs!