BONELAB: How To Unlock Noodledog Sword

October 3, 2022
Find the Noodledog Sword Prop with ease by following this guide!

BONELAB is the new virtual reality craze focused on experimental physics action. Players set out to explore a mysterious laboratory filled with many weapons, challenges, secrets, and enemies to take out. The game has the word experimental at its very core as players can take on its many challenges however they may want. It is also more immersive considering that you would need a VR headset to play BONELAB.

As fun as it may be to shoot at enemies from afar, there is seemingly no better way to get rid of them in VR but with a sword. And when talking about swords, you can’t go wrong with the Noodledog sword in BONELAB! That being said, this weapon may be quite tough to find, especially without a guide.

That is where we come in! Here is how you find the Noodledog sword in BONELAB.

How To Unlock Noodledog Sword – BONELAB

The Noodledog Sword can be found in the game’s 7th level, the Sprint Bridge. It starts you off inside an elevator.

You won’t be needing guns here, however, you must prepare for quite some platforming.

Step outside the elevator and move forward until you see a bridge clouded by a thick fog.

To your left is a small passageway. Go there.

At the end of the pathway, you should find yourself at the bottom of the bridge.

Traverse the bridge by going past some obstacles and jumping from one beam to the next.

This is where your platforming skills in VR would be tested.

Soon you should see a platform that would lead you upward the bridge you are currently on.

Go there and past the empty container bridge.

There, you should see a standing wooden plank. Push it to use it as a bridge to get across the next platform.

Make your way forward without falling until you see two wooden boxes.

Push past them and head towards the tunnel way to the right.

At the end of the tunnelway, you should see two paths you can undertake – either to the left, below yet another bridge, or forward to the next platform.

Head towards the forward path this time.

Simply go across the small bridge by avoiding the blocking obstacles.

There you should see another unlockable atop a wooden box. 

This unlocks the Cardboard Box Monogon Prop.

At the very end of the concrete bridge is the platform where you will find the Noodledog Sword Prop. Climb it the best you can. This can be quite challenging.

We recommend using a hammer to help you propel yourself upwards easier.

After making your way up the platform, do not head inside yet.

Make your way to the back side of it by skimming at its side pathway.

Soon you should see a barrel with an unlockable on top of it.

Get it and unlock the Noodledog Sword Prop.

There it is! Now enjoy slicing through enemies using your new sword!