BONELAB: How To Open The Quarantine Door And Continue The Story

October 10, 2022
Let’s see How to Open the Quarantine Door and Continue The Story in BONELAB!

BONELAB is a great physics experimental game that will give you a real VR experience. Everything happens in a mysterious lab where players have to discover different areas, collect plenty of items, counter enemies and reveal some of the secrets. Also, the game has a story that you have to follow and the Quarantine area is part of it. If you want to see how to open the quarantine door and continue the story, then you are in the right spot.

In this guide, we will show you How To Open The Quarantine Door and Continue The Story in BONELAB!

How To Open The Quarantine Door And Continue The Story – BONELAB

First of all, you have to start any arena challenge and parkour challenge, and then exit back to the HUB by pressing the blue button on the wall.

The arena is area number 2, and you just go to the gate and choose any level on the door screen. At the exit, you will see the blue button with “Lab” written on it. Press it and continue to the Parkour area.

The Parkour area is number 4 and is located on the other side of the lab. Same here, got o the door and choose any level from the screen.

At the exit, you will also see a blue button that you have to press it.

Once it’s done, you have to go to the generator of top of the central building and place the batteries into the generator to activate it.

Then you will need to use the crane by the command table next to the generator, and place the Orbs that have spawned on top of the arena, parkour and mod stations on the platforms next to the crane.

The crane is actually the hardest thing, and basically, you have three options.

The first small red button on the right is to activate the magnet, the middle lever is to move the crane around the map, and the lever on the left side is to bring the crane down or lift it up.

In front of the machine, you have a screen that shows you the entire area of the map and the movement of the crane.

All you need to do is to move the crane to the mods and then on the map, you will receive a line and have to bring it in one of the circles.

Once you are done with the crane, you have to go to the quarantine area where in front of the door you will find the red button that you need to push in order to open the gate.

From the inside, you have to close the gate by pressing the red button.

You will be stuck here in the quarantine area, but the only way to get out is through the command room where you will have to continue forward with the story.