Bonelab: How To Complete The Lab Puzzle

September 30, 2022
Solve some puzzles in Bonelab!

Bonelab is an experimental physics action VR game. Players are placed in a lab filled with weapons, enemies, puzzles, secrets and more. There is not a lot of story involved with the game and it mainly lets players play in a sandbox-like playground with their VR control and physics. There are some puzzles and secrets that the player can discover and tackle, or they can ignore those all together and just wreck havoc in their VR playground, there is no wrong answer. If you do want to figure out how to solve the puzzle then check the guide below.

Here is a guide on how to solve the Lab puzzle in Bonelab.

How To Complete The Lab Puzzle – Bonelab

First you’ll have to climb on top of the mods module.

At the top will be a crate you can open that will contain a ball.

Then head up the stairs where you will find yellow batteries on the floor.

You can put them inside the generator, turning it on.

Then you can head to the panel on the left and use the controls to guide the yellow balls into the empty circles.

Now you need to head to the airlock to block the fans from spinning by using one of your tools.

From there, head down and go inside the office in the middle and grab the remote controller on the desk.

Underneath the table of this room will be a manhole you can uncover and go into.

Go down and bring a hook from the room with you, and attach it to the metal ring. Use the remote control to lift the plug up to open a hole

Jump into the hole and you’ve completed the puzzle.