Bonelab: How to Complete Moon Level & Prop Ball Location

October 1, 2022
Want to find out how you can complete the moon level and find the prop ball location in Bonelab? Check out this guide!

Bonelab is an interesting Virtual Reality action game where you explore different areas and complete various objectives. During your adventures in this game, you will need to fight against enemies and kill them if you want to continue your journey. The game is also filled with various weapons and tools that you can use.

This guide will show you how to complete the moon level and find the prop ball location in Bonelab.

How to Complete Moon Level & Prop Ball Location – Bonelab

To begin your journey, you will need to head over to the moon. Once you are there, exit the elevator and follow the path until you see a big blue map.

The blue map will give you a great path to orientate yourself as well as shows you which areas need to be explored and hold some secrets.

Prop Ball Location

Once you’ve made it outside, pick up the gun from the side and continue going southwest until you reach this big structure that has iron bard attached to it and buried in the ground that acts as a holder.

Once there, you will need to climb one of the iron bars and make your way to the top.

Once you reach the top look behind the radar and you will see a small ball that you can interact with. Simply pick it up to obtain the Prop Ball.

Complete the Moon Level

Once you’ve obtained the ball and want to complete the moon level, you will need to move north west from your current location and enter the hole that you see on the image below.

The tiny tip of the structure is the place where you need to go and collect the ball if you wish to complete the moon level.

To get to the top, simply follow the set of lines presented on the image below. Jump on the object that are available to you until you make it to the top and collect your ball.

The ball will reward you with the Short Avatar.