BONELAB: How To Complete Bonehub Level

October 3, 2022
Here’s a guide on How To Complete Bonehub Level in BONELAB!

BONELAB is an action VR game that will give you a completely new experience playing in a sandbox playground with your VR control and physics. Explore the mysterious lab and unlock some of the unique weapons, encounter enemies, and reveal some of the secrets in the game. Progressing through the game, you will reach the Bonehub level that many players found a bit difficult to pass, and that’s why we are here to help you pass it.

In this guide, we will tell you everything about completing Bonehub Level in BONELAB!

How To Complete Bonehub Level – BONELAB

In the beginning, you are going to start from the elevator on the Bonelab floor 2.

Once you get out of the elevator, you have to make your way to the generator on top of the central building.

Once you walk up the stairs, in front of the generator you have to pick the two batteries and place them on the generator in order to activate it.

The generator will turn on and then you have to go to the command part for the crane on the left side of the generator.

This here is the hardest part, and basically, you have three options.

The first small red button on the right is to activate the magnet, the middle lever is to move the crane around the map, and the lever on the left side is to bring the crane down or lift it up.

In front of the machine, you have a screen that shows you the entire area of the map and the movement of the crane.

All you need to do is to move the crane to the mods and then on the map, you will receive a line and have to bring it in one of the circles.

Also, on the other side of the map, there is the head which you have to bring to one of the other three circles in the map.

Once you are done with this, you have to navigate to the quarantine zone.

There, in front of the door, push the red button and the door will open.

From the inside, you have to close the gate by pressing the red button from the inside.

You will be stuck here in the quarantine area, but the only way to get out is through the command room on the side.

Go on the ride side of the room, and you will notice a small open window where you can carry on and get inside.

Once you are inside, there will be another red button that you need to press and the small door inside the room will open.

On the other side of the door, you will come in an open area where you have to climb up the ladder.

You will come on a platform, and at the edge of it, there will be a hammer on the ground that you need to pick it up.

Now, with the hammer, you have to stop the big fan in front of you.

It will help you to pass through the fan and get inside the ventilation.

There will be a circle gate that you just have to push and it will open, and you will come to another open area.

From here, you have to go down to the platform where you fill find an elevator.

Just press the red button and it will bring you to the upper section in the area.

Once you get on the top, there will be another open area where you will see a big building in the middle.

Pass through the bridge and just enter the building.

Here you will find a lot of droids that will try to attack you, and you will complete the level of the Bonehub.