Bonelab: All Sprint Bridge Collectible Locations

October 10, 2022
Time to collect all the capsules in the Sprint Bridge level in Bonelabs!

Bonelab is an experimental physics VR game where players can explore a mysterious lab full of weapons, enemies, challenges and secrets. After being given a death sentence, you will need to escape from a hidden underground research facility and go through a series of challenges including arenas, obstacle courses, tactical trials, sandboxes, experimental modes, and user-generated levels.

This guide will tell you how to find all the collectible in the Sprint Bridge level of the game.

All Sprint Bridge Collectible Locations – Bonelab

There are a total of 5 capsules containing different collectibles that you can find at this level. The first capsule containing the PDRC weapon can be found by heading out of the elevator and then taking the first right in the corridor.

Proceed further along the narrow ledge and you will soon come across a machine with a heavy calculation sticker on it. Next to the machine, you will find the first capsule to unlock the PRDC weapon.

The second capsule containing the MP5K Sabrelake weapon can be found by turning right and jumping down from the location of the previous capsule. Proceed further by walking along the narrow ledges of the bridge and then jump across the gap in the middle.

Climb the two blocks at the end of the path and continue further by carefully treading across the pillar to reach the container. Push the wooden stick to walk along the edges and then take the wooden box kept on the top along with you.

Go back via the same path that you came through at the location shown above. This will allow you to climb the building and latch onto the platform above.

Jump above and you will be able to grab the capsule kept on the ledge above. It will unlock the MP5 Sabrelake submachine gun.

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To find the fourth capsule, turn around and continue further along the narrow ledge. Go through the alleyway with the green barrels and make your way across towards the large tower with steel doors.

When you reach there, turn left and proceed further to collect the capsule lying on the green barrel. This will unlock the Sword Noodledog prop in the game.

To find the next capsule, head through the steel doors in the middle and grab the white/purple box lying in the left corner.

Keep it in the centre of the large red circle and use your gun to shoot the wooden board above to make the second box fall down. Grab both boxes and keep them on top of the red circle.

Make your way across to the other side and head into the blue container floating on your right. Turn right and parkour your way through the small ledges of the bridge.

Jump onto the wooden board in the middle and then turn left to find the fourth capsule in the corner containing the Uzi submachine gun.

Last but not least is the fifth capsule containing the Fast Avatar and to find it, you will need to make your way across the bridge from the location of the previous capsule. Once you reach the other side, use the stairs to get to the top and proceed further along the way.

Use the yellow ladder on your left indicated by an arrow and then press the red button on the door.

Press the red button again to unlock the door and then go straight to collect the final capsule. This will unlock the Fast Avatar in the game.

That’s it, you have successfully found all the capsules in the Sprint Bridge level of the game!