BONELAB: All Magma Gate Collectible Locations

February 9, 2023
Check out All Magma Gate Collectible Locations in BONELAB!

BONELAB is an experimental physics action game with a real VR experience. Players have to explore different areas, play sandboxes and collect plenty of items around the mysterious lab. There are a few items that you can find in the Magma Gate area and if you have a hard time finding them, then we will help you get all the collectibles fast and easy.

In this guide, you can find All Magma Gate Collectible Locations in BONELAB!

All Magma Gate Collectible Locations – BONELAB

Weapon: Morningstar

The Morningstar capsule can be found right after you enter the Magma Gate. On the side of the wall, you will see a small radio and behind the radio is the capsule.

Get the capsule and it will automatically open and unlock the Morningstar weapon for you.

NPC: Skeleton Fire Mage

As you continue through the Magma Gate, you will reach the bridge and once you cross it, on the right side of it near the large gate entrance, under the stairs you will see a gap between the wall, and down there you will find the Skeleton Fire Mage capsule.

Weapon: Bastard Sword

At the same location where you found the previous capsule, go up the stairs, and on the platform you will see a yellow jump pad. Use it to jump up and climb on the wall in the front.

On top of this platform, on the edge of it, you are going to find the Bastard Sword weapon capsule. Just take it and open it to unlock the weapon.

Avatar: Heavy

This avatar capsule is pretty easy to find because it is located in front of the big gate after the bridge. Take the capsule and open it to unlock the Heavy avatar.

That’s it! Now you know where are all Magma Gate collectible locations, and just open your game and go find them all for yourself.