BONELAB: All Descent Collectible Locations

February 9, 2023
Check out this guide to find all the capsules in the Descent level!

Bonelab is an experimental physics VR game where players can explore a mysterious lab full of weapons, enemies, challenges and secrets. After being given a death sentence, you will need to escape from a hidden underground research facility and go through a series of challenges including arenas, obstacle courses, tactical trials, sandboxes, experimental modes, and user-generated levels.

This guide will tell you how to find all the collectibles in the Descent level.

All Descent Collectible Locations – BONELAB

There are a total of 10 capsules that you can find at the Descent level of the game.

The first capsule can be found after cutting the noose and then going through the underground cave.

Inside the cave, you need to turn left near the yellow pipes where the statue is located.

Follow the yellow pipes and then jump down to continue further.

Break the wooden boards obstructing your path by using the axe and proceed further.

Here you will find the first capsule on top of the wooden barrel containing the Dice Avatar.

To find the second capsule, head down the stairs and then jump down below.

Go to the locked door on your right and you will find the capsule containing the Spiked Club weapon under the wooden counter.

For the third capsule, grab the locked key behind you and place it in the slot to unlock the door.

Be careful of the next area as there are creepy bone enemies that will attack you on sight.

You will need to grab the spiky bat lying on the wooden board and use it to smash the skull of the enemy.

Follow the yellow pipes towards the next area and smash any enemies that you encounter along the way.

Break the stones to access the next area and then throw the axe at the wooden board at the top in the left corner.

This will allow you to collect the capsule containing the Axe Double weapon.

To find the fourth capsule, push the lever next to the torch to unlock the door and access the next area.

Be careful of the lava and make sure to jump across if you don’t wish to die. Go through the wooden door in the right corner and you will enter another area.

Here you need to open the orange-coloured locker to collect the capsule containing the Hatchet weapon.

For the fifth capsule, follow the yellow colour pipes and head into the Garbage & Recycler Chamber on your right.

Crawl down through the small passage on your right and be careful of the crab-like creatures in the passage.

Open the small locker on your right next to the exit door highlighted in green and you will find the capsule containing the Crowbar weapon.

To find the sixth capsule, go through the exit door and open the orange-coloured locker to grab the pistol. Shoot the enemies in the area and then use the staircase to proceed further.

Open the doors to access the next area and neutralize all the hostiles present there.

Once the area is clear, head into the corner on your right to collect the capsule containing the Viking Shield weapon.

To find the seventh capsule, head through the door with the Medieval Management board on top to access the next area.

Head past the escalator and shoot any enemies that you encounter along the way.

Enter the next room and then turn left to collect the capsule lying on the table. This will unlock the Shovel weapon.

To find the eighth capsule, continue further into the next area and kill any enemies that you come across. Once the room is clear, go straight and use the staircase in the left corner.

Stay vigilant and clear any enemies that you encounter and then head into the small passage next to the escalators. Here you will find the capsule containing the Hexagonal Container prop.

To find the ninth capsule containing the Monitor prop, use the escalators and enter the door that says Staff Only. In the right corner, next to the computers on the table, you will find a dustbin.

Put your hand inside this dustbin to collect the capsule.

Last but not least is the tenth capsule which contains the Cardboard Box prop. To find it, open the shaft with the yellow bar in the room and enter inside.

Once you reach the other end, turn left and slide down through the green pipe to reach another area. Grab the submachine next to the wooden boxes and clear the enemies in the area.

Head over to the other side and use the escalator to go up. You will soon reach an area that says City District 06.

Go behind the escalator and you will find a blue coloured box that contains the final capsule. This will unlock the Cardboard Box Prop in the game.

That’s it, you have successfully collected all the capsules in the Descent level of the game!