Bonelab: 100KG Ball Cargo Train Puzzle Solution

October 1, 2022
Check out this guide to solve the 100KG ball cargo train puzzle in Bonelab.

Bonelab is an interesting VR game where you can do sorts of puzzles and complete various challenges. During your adventures, you will obtain rewards which are hidden in each of the levels that the game has to offer. The 100 Kilo Ball cargo train is a hard puzzle that many players struggle with. Not to worry!

This guide will show you how to solve the 100KG Ball Cargo Train puzzle in Bonelab.

100KG Ball Cargo Train Puzzle Solution – Bonelab

Once you reach the area with the 100KG ball puzzle, you will notice a wagon that you can control. The wagon has two controls:

  • One control for moving the wagon back and forth
  • Other control will move the sign up and down

The first step is to move the vehicle backwards at the direction where you previously came from.

Once you’ve moved it back, you will reveal an area where you can push a button and activate a jump pad which will allow you to jump high and move around onto some metal pipes.

Take the metal pipe that has blue glowing edges on the ground with you as you jump up.

On top, you will stand on a platform that is attached to a set of rails, you can use your hands or any object that you have with you to move the platform and get to the hole in the wall.

Two enemies will be waiting for you in the next area, take them out and get to the other side, Make sure to NOT press the button that is connected to the metal platform on which you are standing on. Press the button on the other side that is wired to the jump pad.

This will act as a checkpoint for you and allow you to come back faster if you fall down.

In the next area, you will find the 100 kilo ball placed in the corner of the room. To take it down, simply get underneath it and with a hammer, hit the wooden plank that is holding the ball from falling down.

Dropping the ball will not solve the puzzle, it will just grant you another small ball which you can collect and keep the reward.

To solve the puzzle, you will need to focus on the pipe that can also act as a lever which will move the board under the ball that is blocking the entrance. Simply pull the pipe with your hand to move the plank from the entrance.

The board will create sort of a bridge that you can walk onto and pass through the entrance and into the next area. Hit the next button to create your shortcut.

Once there, simply place your hand on the wall and push the platform with yourself standing on it to get to the next area where you need the metal pipe with blue shining ends.

At the next area, you need to get the pipe and place it on the floor to make a bridge where you can walk onto and complete this level.

And just like that, you will complete the puzzle area for Bonelab.