BLUE PROTOCOL: How To Get B-Imagine Robot

July 7, 2023
It is time to see how you can get the B-Imagine Robot in Blue Protocol.

Blue Protocol is a fantastic anime RPG filled with a bunch of characters, monsters and an amazing story that you can follow. Throughout your journey in Blue Protocol, you will be awarded with different companions, mounts and even robots.

The B-Imagine Robot is the greatest best in slot (BIS) robot that you can use for every class in Blue Protocol.

In this guide, we will show you how you can get your hands on the B-Imagine Robot in Blue Protocol.

How To Get B-Imagine Robot

What Is The B-Imagine Robot?

The B-Imagine Robot is one of the more popular robots because it has a great effect that increases your damage by 50% strength.

Before we start off, you need to know that you are going to need to unlock the Free Roam dungeon located in the north east side of the map.

Inside the Dungeon (How To Get All Materials)

Once you’ve made it inside the dungeon, make your way over to the central part of the dungeon so you unlock your teleport and not have to walk around the whole place over and over again.

You will notice the teleport as it is a big blue ball that will come out of nowhere in a circular area.

The next objective for you is to go over to the very NORTH room of the whole dungeon to get your first materials.

The first material is called Robot’s Cores. Once you are in the north room, you need to kill as many mobs as you can until you’ve gotten at least 2 Robot’s Cores.

The second material can be also obtained by ANY mob that is in the game and I believe that you will have plenty of that.

The third material is a special mineral which is very rare. But the good part about it is that this robot is located in the north room of the dungeon as well and it has a guaranteed mineral drop.

To re-spawn this monster, you want to get out of the dungeon and go into a different town. Come back to the same dungeon one more time to the exact area where this mob is and you will see that it has re-spawned and can be looted again.

The fourth and final material is really easy to get. You need to have 30 of them and this material is obtained by simply collecting grass all around the map. Collect this grass inside the dungeon as well.

The grass is called Tokyo grass.

And there you have it. That is how you can get all the materials for the B-Imagine robot in Blue Protocol. We hope this guide helped you!