BLUE PROTOCOL: How to Equip Your Mount

July 7, 2023
Check out this guide if you want to know how you can equip your mount in Blue Protocol.

Equipping a Mount in Blue Protocol is crucial because the game is filled with a lot of different maps and dungeons. These are very large maps and would require you a lot of time for you to walk them all by yourself and without any sort of transportation.

The mount is a great way to transport yourself from point A to point B. And in this guide, we will show you how you can equip your mount in Blue Protocol.

How To Equip Your Mount

How To Unlock Your First Mount

To start off, you want to open up your quest log and go to the third adventure rank bot. (Welcome to the Memory Stand)

This third adventure rank bot will provide you with a lot of blue quests and some extra bonus quests that you can do to gain rewards.

Your main goal here is to unlock the Challenge quest and defeat a group of goblins in Blue Protocol.

We will sort out each blue quest that you need to do in order to unlock the challenge quest and get to those strong goblins.

First Blue Quest

Once you’ve started off, you want to go to the Watchful Hill area and be located exactly where I am in the picture below.

Your objective here is to gather 15 different items. The quest does not specify exactly which items you need to obtain, you just need to look for 15 different items that you find and obtain them.

Second Blue Quest

For the second blue quest, you want to make your way slightly to the south side from where you previously were and kill some Mountain Goats.

Third Blue Quest

The third blue quest requires you to kill a set of lizards which is pretty easy to do, considering the fact that they spawn in groups and you can kill multiple lizards at the same time.

Fourth Challenge Quest (Final Quest)

As you progress through these quests, you will eventually unlock the Challenge quest which is to kill goblins.

Head over to the Calm Mountain area which is located on the East side of the map.

In this area there are going to be goblins which are pretty strong so you might want to take caution. Usually in these areas there are large groups of players who also want to kill goblins and make your job slightly easier.

After you’ve killed all the goblins, all of your required quests will be completed and grant you your first mount.

How To Equip Your Mount

To equip your mount, you need to open up your character screen and press on the third tab that is located in the top center area of your screen.

There is going to be a button in the center to allow you to equip your mount to your character and make it mountable.

Once the mount has been equipped, simply press the G button to mount up and start freely running.

And there you have it. That is how you can obtain your first mount and ride it in Blue Protocol.