Bloodhunt: Watch & Footage Locations

September 13, 2022
Time to find the watch and footage locations for Bloodhunt!

The Watch & Footage quest is a quest in Bloodhunt that will require you to jump into a game and collect special glowing items that will reward you once delivered. Be careful when reaching these locations as there will be some enemies waiting for you. Make sure to check out every corner before coming to these crowded areas.

This guide will show you all the locations for the Watch & Footage Quest in Bloodhunt.

Bloodhunt: Watch & Footage Locations

The first item for the quest is located just south of the Burning Church area. You will need to look for the red marker on the map and enter a tight passage.

On the left side you will see a statue and two green trash cans, on top of the trash cans you will find the Custos’ Watch.

After you’ve collected the first quest item, go through the gate and turn left where you can find a lot of garbage and two garbage containers. On the corner of the wall, the next quest item can be seen.

The item that you need to collect is called “CCTV Recording”.

The next location for the next quest item is also located just south of the Burning Church area. You need climb the big building and drop to a bridge that is connected in the middle of the building.

Once you drop down, go to the end of the bridge where you will find another quest item called “CCTV Recording”

The last quest item that you need to collect will be located just north of the Burning Church area. You need to climb the buildings and get to a rooftop where you can find another CCTV Recording.