Bloodhunt: Scout & Camera Locations

Published: 29 Apr 2022
Time to find the Scouts and Cameras for Bloodhunt!

Bloodhunt is a great Battle Royale that has given the players quest where they need to jump into a BR game and do a specific task. The tasks sometimes will give the player an opportunity to look for special items or get to a specific area.

This guide will show you the locations of the Scouts and the Cameras in Bloodhunt.

Bloodhunt: Scout & Camera Locations

When you begin this quest, you want to spawn at the Rooftop Restaurant area.

You will need to climb the highest point of this area, and on the rooftop, you will notice a blue shiny ball that will allow you to interact with it.

Simply scout the location to complete the first objective.

The second scout location area can be located in the Car Park area on the map. You will need to get to the highest point in this area and you will find another ball at a balcony-looking platform where another location can be scouted.

The third scout location can be found on top of the Abandoned Mall area. This is located on the northeast side of the map, simply climb the top of the mall and on the edge of one of the pillars, you will find the scout location.

The Omin’s Camera quest item can be found on top of the Art Gallery location of the map. You will need to climb the highest point of the Art Gallery, which is located on the southeast corner of the building itself.

On the edge of the roof, you will find the camera.

Kirill’s Camera can be located at the Car Park area. To get this item, you will need to climb one of the pillars that is located on the north side of the car park area. Once you get to the top of the pillar, simply collect the item.

After collecting all the items, you will complete the quest in Bloodhunt.