Bloodhunt: Missing Agent Quest Location

Published: 29 Apr 2022
Time to get all the clues for the Missing Agent Quest in Bloodhunt!

Bloodhunt is a great Battle Royale that has given the players quest where they need to jump into a BR game and do a specific task. The tasks sometimes will give the player an opportunity to look for special items or get to a specific area. For this quest, you will need to collect some clues and complete it.

This guide will show you all the hidden locations about the Missing Agent quest in BLoodhunt.

Bloodhunt: Missing Agent Quest Location

To begin this quest, you will need to travel to the Abandoned Mall area. You will need to climb to the first floor of the mall and walk under some stairs which are located on the northwest side of the mall itself.

Under the stairs, some beds can be seen, as well as a shiny orb which is a quest item called “Notes”. Collect the item to get the first objective completed.

At the Rudolfinum area you will find the next objective. Enter the building from the main entrance and turn left where you can see some music-related boxes. On top of the boxes you will find the USB.

The third and final objective can be located at the graveyard area. On the east side of the graveyard area, you will find a shiny ball that is placed right next to a wooden door.

Walk up close to the ball and you will see the quest item called “Replace Statue”. Collect that item to complete the quest in Bloodhunt.