Bloodhunt: How to move Effectively

Published: 29 Apr 2022
Check out this guide to learn how to move quickly and effectively in Bloodhunt!

Having a fast and rapid movement is a key to survival in online battle royale games like Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodhunt.In this guide, we will tell you how to quickly and effectively in the game.

Bloodhunt: How to move Effectively

In order to move effectively, you should know the basic movements of the game that is jump (Spacebar), Slide (C) and a combination of both called slide jump by pressing the Jump and C buttons together.

 A black trail will appear behind you whenever you execute a successful slide jump in the game.

Another crucial basic movement is wall jumping which is an easy way to get in and out of cover fast and it’s very unpredictable. To perform a wall jump, run upto a wall or stand next to it then jump and then jump again. You will need to press the space button twice next to a wall to perform a wall jump

One of the situations where you can perform a wall jump is when you want to get out of cover quickly. When combined with the slide jump combo, your enemies will have a hard time predicting your movement.

The next movement combo is called the double jump which can be executed by jumping and holding the Mouse 1 buttons. You will need to press the Mouse 1 button right after you perform a jump. Just make sure you are holding both buttons otherwise it won’t work.

If you hold both of these buttons then you should be able to float a little bit in the game. In order to float, first, jump and then perform a double jump forming a little dust cloud on your feet helping you fly higher.

Performing a double jump can be most effective in situations where you want to climb something quickly but don’t wish to get locked in the animation of climbing which can be really helpful when you are surrounded by enemies.

Another effective way of using a double jump is while travelling from one rooftop to the other without getting stuck in the climbing animation. This can be helpful if you wish to escape from a firefight quickly and don’t want to waste a lot of time. It is a simple way to move faster without doing much hard work

The last movement mechanic which is probably the most situational is to cancel the falling stagger animation in the game. For example, when your character jumps off from a large building, he will perform a stagger animation upon touching the ground. Doing this will lock you in an animation giving your enemies the perfect opportunity to deal a lot of damage to your character.

To avoid this animation, simply perform a jump from a large structure and then hug the wall when you are getting closer to the ground to avoid triggering the stagger animation.

Another effective but harder way to cancel the stagger is to use a car or a bus instead of hugging the wall. You just need to jump off from a building and then touch the edges of the rooftop of a car or a bus to cancel the staggering animation. This can be a bit hard initially but it is a much better way than hugging a wall.

That’s it, these are all the techniques that you can follow to move quickly and effectively in Bloodhunt!