Bloodhunt: Get Close to the Entity Locations

Published: 29 Apr 2022
Let’s find all Entity locations in Bloodhunt!

Bloodhunt is a great Battle Royale that has given the players quest where they need to jump into a BR game and do a specific task. The tasks sometimes will give the player an opportunity to look for special items or get to a specific area.

This guide will show you how to get to all the Entity Locations in Bloodhunt!

Bloodhunt: Get Close to the Entity Locations

Once you jump in a game, your first spawning location needs to be on the north side of the map, just by the Skybar area.

To obtain this objective, you simply need to walk towards the marked bridge on the image and enter some shelters. As you enter the shelters, you will complete the first part.

The second location will be located at the harbor area, which is south on the map. To get this objective, you need to enter an army camp, once you enter the army camp, you will complete the objective.

The third and final location for the objective can be found just west of the Prince’s Haven area. You will simply need to walk to the army camp, and you will complete the objective.