Bloodhunt: Best Guns To Use

April 27, 2022
Check out this list of best weapons available in Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodhunt!

There are plenty of weapons available in Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodhunt which players can choose to secure their way to victory. In this guide, we will tell you the best weapons available in the game.

Bloodhunt: Best Guns To Use

Choosing a weapon in Battle Royale like Bloodhunt can be pretty hard since there are 19 weapons currently available in the game with 4 of them belonging to the melee class. These are some of the best weapons that you can currently equip in the game:

1. Assault Rifle: It is an all-rounder weapon that offers a great amount of damage and accuracy. You will be able to cover a decent amount of distance. The assault rifles in the game have one of the best damages output and low recoil making it an easy recommendation even for beginners in the game

2. Mini Gun: The Minigun is a beast of a weapon that can shoot down any enemy within seconds thanks to mammoth 300 rounds per ammo. The only catch is that it can be very difficult to obtain as you need to defeat entity guards and loot from them which makes it one of the most difficult weapons to collect in the game.

3. Toggler: The Toggler is a machine gun that has the ability to switch between two different shooting modes: fully automatic and semi-automatic. The long-range mode offers more accuracy while decreasing the rate of fire while the short-range trades accuracy for double the rate of fire.

It is as powerful as an LMG but has a smaller magazine size. However, it is more accurate thanks to the ability to switch between modes making it a good alternative to the LMG in mid-range. It can be really great gun once you manage to master both of its modes

4. Silenced SMG: Contrary to its name, it’s a loud and fast SMG that deals plenty of damage especially if you are facing waves of enemies. Thanks to the large magazine size, you won’t spend a lot of time reloading it in intense combat situations. The only downside is its loud noise which can give away your location to enemies nearby.

5. LMG: This light machine gun can deal plenty of damage even at a medium range for a long period of time. It shines best when facing enemies at a close range and has great accuracy in comparison to other games. Many people consider it to be the big brother of the Silenced SMG in the game.

That’s it, these are some of the best weapons that are currently available in Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodhunt!