Bloodhunt: Bag, Backpack, & VHS Locations

September 13, 2022
Time to find the Bag, Backpack & VHS locations!

The bag, backpack and VHS items are collectible items in Bloodhunt that you need to obtain and deliver in order to complete a quest. These quests are dangerous to do because you will encounter other opponents as you run around the battlefield and search!

This guide will show you how to find the Bag, Backpack & VHS locations for Bloodhunt.

Bloodhunt: Bag, Backpack, & VHS Locations

The first item can be located in the Rudolfinum area of the map, this place can be located on the west side of the map. Once you reach this area, you need to follow the road that will lead you to an underground parking lot.

Slide down the gate, and at the corner of the garage, you will see a bicycle and a shiny ball that is the Bag. Simply walk up to the bicycle and obtain the bag.

Walk back towards the half-closed gate where you will find a motorcycle that is placed right next to the wall. There will also be a shiny ball that you can interact with. Walk close to the motorcycle to obtain the Backpack.

To obtain the VHS Tape, you will need to exit the garage and get on the main road. Begin climbing up the Rudolfinum until you reach the balcony, on the side of the balcony you will find another shiny ball which is the VHS Tape.

With all 3 items collected, you will complete the quest in Bloodhunt.