Bloodhunt: All Ranked Divisions Guide

Bloodhunt released its Ranked Mode which is becoming even more competitive among the players. Ranked mode is not live yet, but anyway players can start to prepare, as they are required to reach level 10 on their account. There is a completely new system that allows the players to match up and compete against players on a similar level. Also, players can earn Ranked Points by winning matches which helps them rank up to higher divisions further in the game.

In this guide, we will show you All ranked Divisions in Bloodhunt!

Bloodhunt: All Ranked Divisions Guide

The ranked mode in Bloodhunt will become available as soon as you reach level 10. You will be able to rank up and unlock different rewards in this mode by winning and earning Ranked Points (RP). 

The amount of the Ranked points gained in the match is based on your performance in the round, and once you collect enough points, you can use the points to go to a higher rank division in the game.

As you reach higher ranks, you will be able to unlock new cosmetic items that can be used in the game, and will also allow you to play with better players from the higher ranks and earn a bigger amount of Ranked Points.

There are a total of 6 Ranked Divisions in Bloodhunt. These ranks include Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Obsidian. Every rank has a specific amount of points that has to be earned to be allowed to jump from one rank to another.


This is the first and lowest rank in Bloodhunt. It’s a default starting rank in the game which doesn’t require any RP to unlock it, and you don’t have to pay a match fee while you are in Bronze Division.


The Second Bloodhunt Rank requires 2000 Ranked points to be unlocked. To unlock this rank you will have to match with higher players from siler rank to be able to unlock it. There you will have to prove your skills while you are competing with these higher-caliber players. In this rank, you have to pay a match fee of 15 RP to start a game.


This is the third rank in Bloodhunt and you will have to earn 4000 RP to unlock Gold Division. As you are getting to a higher rank, also the players are getting more competitive and you will have to pay 30 RP before starting a match in this rank.


The 4th Rank is Platinum and it can be unlocked by collecting 6000 RP. This is a rank where the real challenge is starting and you have to make higher scores and kill more enemies to be able to pay 45 RP for every next match and earn more points for the next division.


This is the penultimate Division in Bloodhunt that will require you to collect 8000 Ranked Points to unlock this rank. The difficulty level and the match fee will increase a lot, which means that you have to pay 60 RP to play a game at this rank.


The final rank in Bloodhunt is Obsidian. At this point, all the top players play against each other. The amount of RP to be accumulated for this rank is so huge, 10000 RP, which means that you will have to kill a bunch of enemies to pay 100 RP to enter a match and end up in the top 5 to make back your Ranked Points.

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