Bloodhunt: A Spy in Prague Questline Locations

February 9, 2023
Let’s find A Spy in Prague Questline Locations in Bloodhunt!

With the new patch 0.6, many new quests were added to the game making it even more challenging for the players. A Spy In Prague is one of the quests that involve returning items from different places on the map in Prague during game matches and bringing them back to the Elysium afterward. All the items from the quest will appear in their designated locations around Prague.

In this guide, we will show you A Spy in Prague Questline Locations in Bloodhunt!

Bloodhunt: A Spy in Prague Questline Locations

The first object that you have to find will be located somewhere between the helipad and the sky bar. Select a location on the map to specify your preferred starting area.

Once you spawn in the area, make your way to the entrance of the sky building. You will have to jump over the wall to get there.

In front of the door, you will see the item that you have to collect. It is an audio message which is the first part to find to complete the quest.

The next collectible will be located in one apartment room inside the Prince’s Haven building.

To find the place, just follow the fire truck which will bring you to the building where the fire is on.

On the edge of the entrance to the building, there will be a black high wall where you have to climb up. Check the image below.

Once you hang on the wall, you will face the big hole on the wall from the room that will lead you inside the apartment where you will be able to find the second item for the quest.

After you jump inside the room, you fill face a desk table with a computer on it. On the top of the table will be sitting a digital document that you have to collect for your quest.

Be careful, on this part of the exploring, the enemies will spot you and start to hunt you.

The third item is located nearby the Car Park, inside the tall ruined building. Open the map and select a location on the map to start at your specific area.

Once you spawn there, you will be on the roof of the building between two yellow containers.

Go straight to the building that will be in front of you and jump through the fences to the next ruined building.

Check the image below.

Once you jump on the other building, go straight to the room where the blue shadow is, then you have to climb up one more floor to get to the upper room.

When you get to the upper room, on the right side, in the corner, you will see a bed and a table by the wall. Here you’re going to find the third item, murder evidence, that is required for your quest.

The next item that you have to find is located near the Sky Building. Check the marked location on the map below.

When you spawn on the selected area on the map, you will see a tall building in front of you.

You have to make your way to get on the roof of that building. You should go to the backside of the building where you can find a better approach to the roof.

Once you climb to the balcony, continue a little more to the top of the building.

When you reach the top of the building, you will notice a pathway down where you can slide  and come to the next collectible.

Once you slide down, on the right side, in front of the door where the light is on, you will find the Logs, that is the last required item for your quest in Bloodhunt.