Bless Unleashed – Races List

February 21, 2023
Check out this guide to learn everything about races in Bless Unleashed!

Bless Unleashed is an online multiplayer RPG that offers multiple races for players to choose from. Each race has its own unique traits and characteristics that make them stand apart from the others. There are a total of 4 races and you have the freedom to select one of your choices.

This guide will tell you about all the races available in Bless Unleashed

Races List

Bless Unleashed currently has 4 races or classes that you can choose at the start of the game. These are:

  • Human
  • Varg
  • Elf
  • Ippin

1. Human: Humans are described as the most “adaptable and populous” race in the world of Lumios. They are a highly social race with a proven track record of being resourceful as well as stubborn at times.

Having survived at a time when Lumios was inhabited by distrustful orcs, the humans have adapted themselves over the years by quickly banding together.

With the orcs hunting humans as their prey, a game of cat and mouse ensued as the two groups grew larger in population resulting in the creation of cities as a defensive stronghold by the humans.

These walled gardens provided a safe haven and allowed the human population to progress and prosper further.

Soon enough, the humans started to outrank the orcs in terms of population and successfully managed to drive the orcs out of their lands.

However, the happiness was short-lived as the infighting between humans grew further leading to a second Tribal War.

In a war between the humans, the tribes fought against each other to conquer their land until only one tribe remained which is now called the Old Empire. This resulted at the end of the “Dark Age” according to Scholars.

2. Varg: These wolf-like fierce warriors are often known as the kings of the forests thanks to their mastery of hunting skills. The Vargs were once a peaceful race that dwelled in the forests and refused to interact with other races as they preferred to live alone.

In an unfortunate event called the Breaking which resulted in the opening of dimensional boundaries, the forest home of the Vargs was completely destroyed.

This resulted in their complete transformation into a vengeful and ferocious race that was ready to kill anyone that threatened their livelihood.

With the advantage of superior physical characteristics and the survival spirit of fighting till the end, the Vargs have established themselves as a powerful race. During a fight, they can turn into fearless warriors called Berserkers.

Due to their scary appearance, the Vargs are often perceived as a threat despite having a peaceful and helping nature. Although people have slowly started to trust them after they realized their good-heartedness.

3. Elf: The Elves are the old living creatures on Lumios and are granted protection by the World Tree called Lily’anthes. After the burning of the World Tree, the Elves settled all over the map and are known for their specialization in arts, music and magical studies.

During the “Dark Age”, the Elves joined the Old Empire to forge an alliance with the human race. They passed on their knowledge of magic to improve their relationship with them.

However, the Elves failed to teach the dangers of dark magic and this resulted in some humans delving into the practice of using this forbidden magic. As a result, the World Tree got destroyed during The Breaking which set it on fire permanently and the elves lost their immortality.

Since then, the Elves have been living in different parts of the map for survival and searching for a way to heal the World Tree. As decades passed through, they learned to survive and evolve themselves to stand a chance in this cruel world.

4. Ippin: Often called the innovators and harbingers of technology, the Ippins are one of the newest races in Lumios. Major technological innovations like the Compass, Steam Engines and Airships were brought by the Ippins.

Having proven themselves as useful and intelligent, they managed to find their place in the society as bankers and keepers of treasuries. Apart from managing financial transactions, these outsiders have a major role in running the economy and making progress through advancements in technology.

According to some elves, the Ippins are the last race to arrive on Lumios and they found their way here when their airship crashed during the Second Tribal War.

They deleted all the records related to their homelands to ensure their safety and protect the knowledge about their origins. With their eagerness to share their information on technology, they slowly integrated themselves into society without any hiccups.

The Humans are known for their raw power and ability to fight wars, Elves have magical skills and intelligence, Vargs are superior beasts ready to protect themselves while Ippins try to dominate the society with their financial and technological skills.