Blast Master Build, Best Setup To Destroy Everything Chaos 20: Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

April 7, 2022
Time to destroy everything in Chaos 20!

Creating your character with the best possible build will lead to deleting enemies from the battlefield. Making the perfect combination of survival and damage will guarantee that you stay alive for the longest period and get the best performance in the Chaos 20 dungeon. The Chaos Dungeon is a place filled with difficult monsters, and you gain rewards as you kill them.

This guide will show you the best build to destroy everything in Chaos 20 in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Blast Master Build, Best Setup To Destroy Everything Chaos 20: Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

This build is an easy build to make that will create high damage output.

The first weapon that you want to find is a shotgun that has preferably an 18 Pellet shot. You don’t need to rush to a purple shotgun. It can also work with a blue shotgun with 13 pellets.

To look for the best weapon type for this shotgun. Look for a low magazine size weapon and a high pellet type. The low magazine will give you 18% bonus damage per pellet.

The Melee weapon is optional. Look for the effects that each weapon gives. The one that suits you best, equip it and continue with that one.

A really important weapon for this build is the legendary Handbow of the Engineer. This weapon will grant you stacks that buff up your overall damage. The weapon can get up to 11 stacks per shot.

A crazy combo with the following two weapons is a guaranteed instant kill on anything.

The main ingredient for this combo is the Shamwai ward. This ward allows you to regenerate ammo when you get hit.

You want to look for this specific enchant for the Marking Shamwai:

  • Enchanted – Spore Warden: Whenever you reload, gain a charge of Barrage.

You will do a lot of reloading in the chaos 20, and you will also get a ton of barrage charges.

This is helpful because you have a rocket launcher that you can only fire 3 shots with. Shooting the ground with a weapon that stacks up a lot of bullets and will allow you to absorb damage can get you infinite rockets to shoot.

The weapon to shoot the ground where you stand is the Bawdyrocker of Ardor. This weapon places bullets in the ground that explode and a ton of small pellets blow up.

Once you shoot the ground with this weapon, switch over to the Packleader’s Bootknocker of Potency, and you will have infinite rockets to shoot as you absorb bullets from the other weapon through the ward.

You can use this method with any shotgun to fire the ground and switch over to higher dealing damage with a low magazine. The Shamwai is the only main thing you need.

The two main rings to go for this build are:

  • Focused Championship Ring of the Vicious Halberd

This ring will give you:

  • Gun Damage +19.7%
  • +21.1% Melee Critical Hit Chance
  • +17.6% Shotgun Critical Hit Damage
  • +14.1% Shotgun Magazine Size
  • Dealing damage to a Boss increases effects by 100% for a moderate amount of time.

The other ring that you will need to use for the Chaos 20 dungeon is:

  • Focused Mood Ring of the Foulfiend

This ring provides the following effects:

  • Gun Damage +19.7%
  • +21.1% Ability Critical Hit Chance
  • +14.1% Shotgun Magazine Size
  • +17.6% Shotgun Critical Hit Chance
  • While Ward is not full, effects are increased to 100%

This is the armor piece that you want to equip with the following enchants, this piece is:

  • Alchemist’s Warped Paradigm of the Empowered Shot

For passives. You want to get anything that boosts your damage.

This passive is a survival item that will grant you a lot of shield as you attack monsters.

The spell is optional, you can use whatever you want because this build is strictly for physical attack damage.

The enchants are most important for your melee weapon, shield, and sill.

On your melee weapon, you want to get the Action skill to increase your elemental damage by 35%

On your skill item, try to find the Action Skill Start enchant. This will increase the Gun Damage by 40% for seconds.

Skill Tree

For your skill tree, you will focus on the two following skills:

  • Spore Warden
  • Spellshot