Best Cat Games To Play On PC

Published: 10 Jul 2022
Cat fans can enjoy playing with their favorite pets even on PC games!

If you are a cat lover then definitely you will also love playing cat games. If you didn’t know, there are plenty of cat games where you get to enjoy your favorite animal while playing an enjoyable game at the same time. The games are separated into arcade, adventure, action, and so much more genres that will match each of your preferences.

This guide will show you the Best Cat Games To Play On PC!

Best Cat Games To Play On PC

Catlateral Damage

If you ever had a cat for a long time, you might forget what that phase was like. At the beginning, you didn’t realize you were introducing a tiny tiger into your home, complete with relentless prey drive and an obsession with running water.

Catlateral Damage re-meowstered is here to remind you of those moments of how much utter carnage and destruction a cat can cause when it really wants to.

This new classic game has had its claws sharpened with new UI and animations as well as a stack of new chaotic tasks to complete that your human really isn’t going to approve of.  

The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs

If you are one of the persons who spend hours in the creator sim screen, prepare for the Sims 4: Cats & Dogs expansion pack to have a similar crushing effect on your free time.

Before you even take them home to play, these cats can be endlessly customized as a perfect feline blend. There are total of 49 individual cat braids to choose from, each with its own unique traits.

Also, you can always try a breed for size without having to commit to a real kitten. You can even go full god mode just like the sim face editing tools. You can tweak ear length, body shape, and eye size for your ultimate pet.

Once you get your dream kitten in, your sims can play with it at home and even take it to the vet if required.

Cat Quest 2

This is a real multiplayer RPG that’s not only hilarious but also ludicrously fun to play. Journeying across feline guard with a friend or alone is like mainlining sheer charm as you journey across a map packed with more weapons and spells than any cat or dog should be allowed anywhere near.

This adventure game is about uniting the two species in harmony, cats and dogs. In the face of the armies of the Lupus Empire, two kings must work together to bring peace once more.

Nyan Cat: Lost in Space

Nyan Cat is effectively a building brick of the modern internet. In this smorgasbord of pixelated food and drink, you must do what all side scrollers have taught you for decades, zooming from left to right picking up as much deliciousness as possible.

You can stick to the regular famous cat or customize it for your adventures through space and tasty time. Anyone who has recently cleaned out a litter box, might find that an attractive prospect right now.

Cats Organised Neatly

This game is all about delightful feline contortions and positioning a plethora of furry friend within a grid.

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by their cutesy exterior and lovely hand-drawn levels. This is a puzzler that gradually sinks its claws deeper and deeper into your gray matter.

Prepare for Cats Organized Neatly to fully take over your life until every chapter is complete.

Cattails: Become a Cat

This is a perfect game to sit back at your PC and relax while playing Cattails: Become a Cat. If you’re thinking that this looks a lot like a certain farming game, you might be right about it.

This charming RPS is a gentle turf war against invading cats and all about making fellow cat friends, getting married, and even raising a litter of kittens.