Best Armor Build in Monster Hunter Stories 2

September 17, 2021
Is Monster Hunter Stories 2 heavily dependent on the armor you choose? Let's find out!

Monster Hunter Stories 2 doesn’t have a major armor impact on gameplay. Despite popular belief, the game is really forgiving to armor choices. Sure, that isn’t to say that armor choice doesn’t have any impact whatsoever. There are some armor builds which make more sense in certain situations, and some don’t. There are more than a couple of honorable mentions for best armor builds, so let’s go through them.

Best Armor Build – Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin

Most of the veteran players change their armor rarely. This is due to the fact that most starter armor, or armor which is easy to get, can be as good as some legendary armors.

To be honest, armor changes in Wings of Ruin usually are made for appearance purposes. But it can help if you do make the right choices when it comes to armor, as there are different builds to be made around the armor. Here are all of the best armor builds in Monster Hunter Stories 2:

  • Astalos Armor. This is one of the most slick and scary looking armors in the game. It is more of a PvP armor rather than a PvE one, but it is one of the best armors in the game, hands down. It has a Thunder Boost skill, Thunder Def Boost, and Weak Point. Self-healing and critical strikes are improved with this armor.
  • Rathian Soul Armor. This armor is forgiving when it comes to weapons, but it does go hat-in-hand with the Greatsword. It has a Critical, Grt Sword Focus, and All-Out skill. Mainly, it increases skills’ power.
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku. This is more of an early armor obtained from the Kulu-Ya-Ku monster. It is a bit tricky to beat it, but it is worth it for this armor, which also conveniently has the Dancer skill which is a speed boost.
  • Dreadqueen Armor. Like the Astalos armor, the Dreadqueen one is also more of a PvP armor. Critical strikes and damage are increased mainly, which is why it makes it good for PvP. It has the following skills: Salt in Wound, Inflict Rate Up, and Critical.
  • Bloodbath Diablos Armor. This is my favorite armor of all time. Granted, I mainly like it because of its appearance, but it is definitely a banger of an armor. It has Non-Elem ATK Boost, Tenacity, and Evasion Ability. So really, it has a unique balance of skills. It is best used for late game.

There are some other honorable mentions for best armors like Arzuros armor, Great Jaggi armor, Rathian Heart armor, and a few others. Pick one which corresponds with your overall build though. Any of the ones mentioned above will be more than enough though, definitely.