Bayonetta 3: Side Chapter 3 How to get Teapot (Bewitchment)

October 31, 2022
Obtain the teapot with Jeanne in Bayonetta 3!

Bayonetta 3 is finally out and players can now reunite with their favorite Umbran Witch. A new feature added to Bayonetta 3 are Bewitchments which act somewhat like little achievements players can get during their gameplay.

In one part of the side chapter will be an elevator with supply machines. Pressing these machines with the correct timing will award you with the teapot. Check on the guide below to see how to get the teapot in Bayonetta 3!

Side Chapter 3 How to get Teapot (Bewitchment)

During Side Chapter 3, players can play as Bayonetta’s partner in crime Jeanne. This will be mostly a side scrolling with some shooting as opposed to the usual gameplay.

At one point, there will be an elevator with some machines that you can use to summon items with. Based on your timing and the color of the item displayed on the machine, you will be given a few handy weapons or items. After a few seconds, the machine resets and you can choose a new item.

To get the teapot specifically, first you have to land the screen on blue first. Once it’s available to use again, it will cycle between a red stop screen and a rainbow screen.

Depending on your skill and timing, it may take many attempts to land on the rainbow screen as it flashes by extremely quickly. Triggering a stealth kill to slow down time may be useful but the slowing effect may run out before the rainbow screen appears.

With a bit of luck, you might finally be able to land on the rainbow screen and obtain the teapot to see a funny little easter egg from Jeanne!