Bayonetta 3: How To Unlock The Secret Level

November 4, 2022
Find the keys and unlock the secret level in Bayonetta 3!

Bayonetta 3 is now out. Players can return to playing their beloved Umbran Witch in this fun action packed game. The game is littered with fierce battles, challenging enemies and fun levels.

Like many games, Bayonetta also has a secret level. To unlock it, you need to acquire and open the Old Picture Book with 3 keys. Learn more about the method in the guide down below!

How To Unlock The Secret Level – Bayonetta 3

The first thing you will have to do is purchase the Old Picture Book from Rodin’s Treasures, it only costs 4100 Halos. While you can interact with it in the menu screen, it is currently locked.

You will need to look for 3 different keys scattered all over the game’s levels. They are easy to spot due to their distinctly colored glowing colors.

Key #1

The first key can be found in Chapter 1 at the Ginnungagap.

It is easy to miss for people who are not paying attention as it is cleverly hidden behind rocks close to the start of the level. It somewhat blends into the background due to its blue glow.

Key #2

The next key is found in the Ginnungagap of Chapter 4. You will have to head to the top of the spiral rock platform.

You can use some of your summons to traverse and launch yourself upwards. The keycan easily be spotted due to its green glow.

Bayonetta 3: All Chapter 13 Umbran Tears Of Blood

Key #3

Key #3 is located in the Ginnungagap of Chapter 13. This chapter is full of crumbling platforms.

The key will be hidden inside one of these platforms. Step on it to let the platform fall into the abyss and the key will be floating in its former place.

With all of the keys collected, you can return to the book at the Chapter Select map and use the keys to unlock it. Enjoy playing the secret chapter!