Bayonetta 3: How to Unlock SECRET BOSS “GOLEM”

October 31, 2022
Time to unlock the secret golem boss in Bayonetta 3!

Bayonetta 3 is an action-adventure game that follows the story of an angel-hunting witch called Bayonetta who must defeat the bioweapon Homunculi and an entity known as the singularity on a mission to destroy the multiverse. It is a hack-and-slash game that mainly involves fighting against enemies using melee attacks and various special abilities such as Witch Time which can help you attack enemies by slowing down time

In order to unlock the secret golem boss, you will need to collect 4 Medallion Shards in different chapters of the game. This will form the Blue Medallion and allow you to fight against the secret golem boss.

This guide will tell you how to find all the Medallion Shards and unlock the secret Golem boss.


There are a total of 4 Medallion Shards that you need to collect to create the Medallion and unlock the golem boss.

The first Medallion Shard can be found at the beginning of Chapter 1 by heading over to the right side of the mountain and then going down the stairs. At the end of the staircase, you will need to destroy the glowing relic to obtain the first Medallion Shard.

The second Medallion Shard can be found at the start of Chapter 4 by going straight and heading over to the waterfall near the blue door. Climb the left edge of the mountain and you will then fly across to destroy the ruined glowing relic and collect the Medallion Shard.

The third Medallion Shard can be collected at the beginning of Chapter 7 by going straight and then going past the waterfall near the locked door in the middle.

Turn right and then head towards the circular portal on the ground. Now turn around and go straight towards the locked door to find the glowing relic. Destroy the relic to collect the third Medallion Shard.

Last but not least is the fourth Medallion Shard which can be obtained at the start of Chapter 10. Just go straight and head over to this broken tower on your right.

Destroy the wall with a few hits and you will find the glowing relic inside. Break this relic and you will be able to collect the final Medallion Shard.

A message will appear on your screen that all the pieces of the Medallion Shards can be combined to form the Blue Medallion.

Open your map and you will notice a new green triangle being created by the Blue Medallion during the Chapter selection screen. Head over to this location to fight the secret Golem boss and you will be rewarded with a chest that contains the Moon Pearl and the Witch Heart.

That’s it, now go ahead and collect all the Medallion Shards to fight against the secret golem boss!