Bayonetta 3: All Chapter 8 Umbran Tear Locations

October 31, 2022
Get all of the Umbran Tears in Bayonetta 3!

Bayonetta 3 is finally out and players can now reunite with their favorite Umbran Witch.

The game provides players with occasional fun diversions with collectibles such as the Umbran Tears. Each chapter has 3 Umbran Tears that players can look for and collect.

The Frog can be found near the start of the game, the Crow is found down in a pit and the Cat will be on top of pillars in the underground area. Check on the guide below to see their locations in greater detail!

All Chapter 8 Umbran Tear Locations


Directly at the start of the chapter will be a waterfall area to your right. There you will find lots of regular frogs in the water pools leading up to it. Hiding behind the waterfall will be the Frog Umbran Tear.


Continuing through the level, the player will see a bridge with obelisks. It will be in the middle of a large canyon. Looking down to the right side will reveal a lot of sand pits and the Crow Umbran Tear.


For the last Umbran Tear, it can be found inside the Underground Temple in the area with a lot of pillars. The Cat can be found on top of these pillars and will run away from Bayonetta by jumping on the pillars. Thankfully it will only go along this pillar path, making it easy to chase.

And those are all of the Umbran Tears in Chapter 8 of Bayonetta 3!