Bayonetta 3: All Chapter 13 Umbran Tears Of Blood

November 4, 2022
Get all of the Umbran Tears in Bayonetta 3!

Bayonetta 3 is now out. Players can return to playing their beloved Umbran Witch in this fun action packed game. Throughout the game, players will earn many items such as Lotus Seeds and Umbran Tears.

The game provides players with occasional fun diversions with collectibles such as the Umbran Tears. Each chapter has 3 Umbran Tears that players can look for and collect.

All Chapter 13 Umbran Tears Of Blood – Bayonetta 3


The Cat Umbran Tear is near the start of the level. It can be found bouncing across the floating platforms.

It will jump around the platforms in a fixed pattern, so think ahead and anticipate its next move to capture it.


The Frog Umbran Tear can be found on a pink pillar that is emanating light. It’s encountered around the middle portion of the level.

It’s the easiest one out of the three tears to catch as it sits still and does not require a chase.

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Upon going up the spiral platform, there will be small crystal pillars at the top. The Crow Umban Tear will be resting upon them and will fly away once Bayonetta approaches.

Use your powers of flight to catch up to it and collect it. Be careful of landing on some platforms, as they will crumble if you stand on them too long.