Battlebit Vector Nerf – All You Need To Know

August 7, 2023
Here are all the things that you need to know about the Kriss Vector getting nerfed in Battlebit.

Battlebit is a very good FPS game filled with a bunch of maps weapons and even utilities. Here you can play in different game modes as well as play together with your friends against other opponents. As time passes on, Battlebit gets tons of updates and the game itself as well as the weapons keep getting changed.

In this guide, we will be discussing more about the Kriss Vector and it getting nerfed in Battlebit.

All You Need To Know For Kriss Vector

You heard it right. The Kriss Vector has been one of the most powerful weapons out there for quite some time now in Battlebit Vector. However, the Kriss Vector will finally be getting a nerf after all this time.

The neft of the Kriss Vector will consist of:

  • Damage per shot reduced from 24 to 22
  • Damage drop-off from starting point from 50m to 10m
  • Standard/Quick magazine size nerf from 40 rounds to 36 rounds.

This is a very good game changing thing that happened to Battlebit and we are yet to see which other weapon will reach the highest potential in the game itself.


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