BattleBit Remastered: Best Support Class

July 4, 2023
Let’s see what the best support class is for BattleBit Remastered.

It is crucial that you create the best team comp for your matches in BattleBit Remastered. Each team must contain different classes so they can help out each other in the battlefield. The Support class is there and it is a very important class which will benefit all teammates. The Support allows teammates to maneuver around areas much faster, fill them up with ammunition and more supplies and also set up various traps and bombs.

In this guide, we will learn more about the Best Support Class for BattleBit Remastered.

Best Support Class

Before we start off, we want to tell you what exactly we are going to dive into when it comes to the Support Class.

We are going to cover the all the equipper armor pieces that the support has, the weapons it can carry, how to use them and give you some advice on how to play the Support Class perfectly.

Armor Pieces


The best choice for a helmet that you can use on your support class is the Support SuppPack1 Helmet 00A Exo.

The stats for this helmet are:

  • Durability – 37
  • Running Speed – 92.5%
  • Aiming Speed – 92.5%

Chest Armor

For the chest armor you also want to go with the Support Armor 00 A Exo armor which is the best out of all armor pieces. The great part about it is that you can also equip it at the start of your account because it is free.

The stats for the chest armor are:

  • Durability 62
  • Primary Magazine 3
  • Throwables 2
  • Running Speed 90.0%
  • Aiming Speed 90.0%

The great part here is that you can hold more magazines and have 2 extra throwables. You are also fast here which means that it won’t be an issue for you to run to someone.


When it comes to the backpack, I suggest you keep this one simple. Get yourself the Support Backpack 00 A Big.

This is simply a big backpack with a lot of capacity and will allow you to hold more things as well as looks very cool and holds a tactical knife.

The stats of the backpack are:

  • Primary Gadget – 3
  • Secondary Gadget – 2
  • Running speed 95.0%
  • Aiming Speed 95.0%


The belt in BattleBit Remastered does not make any difference when it comes to the support class.



A Support class in BattleBit Remastered gets two types of weapons:

  • Light Support Guns
  • Light Machine Guns

Both of them are pretty much the same.

A great light support gun that you can use is the MG36. This gun feels really nice, it is accurate, you can control is very well and the damage for it is pretty nice for a support class.

For the Light Machine Gun, you want to go with the M249. This is a very nice machine gun that will mow down everything in a medium to closer range of you.


When it comes to the pistols for the support class, you don’t really need them as you have two great weapons that we mentioned above and a lot of ammunition for them.

You can go ahead and get the Glock 18 or the Desert Eagle if you want to land some cool shots with pistols.

Primary & Secondary Gadgets

For primary gadgets, you want to stack up on C4 and Claymore.

You can set up a bunch of claymore at your area and protect if against incoming opponents. The C4 will help you a lot to clear out enemies but also take out opposing claymore.

The C4 will help you clear out your way and these bombs do A LOT of damage so make sure you use them.

For the secondary gadget you want to take the Heavy Ammo Kit. Don’t use the small ammo kit because you simply don’t need and it is just a waste.


For throwables, just use your Flashbangs and Frag Grenades. They will help you a lot as well as your teammates if you are willing to rush some opponents.

Support Tips & Tricks

The support class can create barriers and repair barriers really fast. It is the fastest class of repairing barriers and they will help you a lot whenever you are out in the open or just don’t have any cover.

Make sure you use ALL of your grenades. Don’t hold onto them because you will end up just wasting extra accessories. They do a lot of damage and the number of kills that you will get with them is amazing.

And there you have it. That is our support class for Battlebit Remastered.