BattleBit Remastered: Best SMG Tier List

July 4, 2023
Want to know which SMG is the best in BattleBit Remastered? Stick around to find out!

Looking at different guns will surely give you more options when it comes to fighting. You always want to find the best choice to wield and be as effective as possible on the battlefield. The SMG weapons are short fast-firing guns that allow you to be agile and deal a ton of damage when you are up close and personal with your opponents.

In this guide, we will give you the Best SMG Tier List for BattleBit Remastered.

Best SMG Tier List

So before we start off, we will rank the SMGs in BattleBit remastered in a table ranking them from the following tiers:

  • S Tier (Best Ones)
  • A Tier
  • B Tier
  • C Tier
  • F Tier (Worst Ones)

Groza (A Tier)

The Groza will be ranked in the A tier as this weapon deals a good amount of damage, has a good amount of recoil as well but can be controlled pretty well.

Honey Badger (F Tier)

There is just too much recoil on this damage and it is pretty much close to impossible to hit people with it. The fire rate for it is not that bad but you are not accurate at all with it.

Kriss Vector (S Tier)

The Kriss Vector is a broken weapon that everyone uses and talks about. The fire rate of this weapon is simply outrageous and there is not that much recoil for that fire rate.

MP5 (B Tier)

Doesn’t to that much damage, does not have as much as rounds as the Kriss Vector and the fire rate of it is alright as well as the recoil.

MP7 (A Tier)

The fire speed of the MP7 is the same as the Groza, has more rounds but the only downfall of it is that there is a lot of recoil on this weapon, which will give you a hard time aiming with it.

P90 (A Tier)

The P90 has 50 rounds in each magazine. The recoil is slightly higher and the fire rate of it is pretty high as well. If you master stabilizing that recoil that the P90 gives, it will by far demolish every single weapon out there.

PP19 (B Tier)

A mid-tier weapon that does not deal a lot of damage and the fire rate is not that high for it. However, the recoil is very nice and you can control this weapon quite well on the battlefield.

PP2000 (C Tier)

The PP2000 is just not balanced at all. The fire rate of it is very high which makes this weapon impossible to handle. There is just too much recoil. The only way that you may end up getting a kill with this weapon is if you get close to a person and spray them with it.

UMP.45 (F Tier)

Same thing as the weapons in C and F tiers. Simply impossible to handle and there is too much recoil with it. It’s just not worth choosing this weapon over something else which is better in many ways.