BattleBit Remastered: Best Recon Class Guide

July 5, 2023
Another class to go. The Recon class is waiting for you to see if you can make it be the best one out there.

Just like the other classes, the Recon class in BattleBit Remastered is one of the best classes out there which is important for taking out enemies from very far distances and he is your typical sniper in the whole group. To master the skills of being a sniper takes time and also a proper setup.

In this guide, we will show you the best Recon class for BattleBit Remastered.

Best Recon Class Guide

It is crucial to know what your primary and secondary weapons are going to be as a Recon because they are the only most important thing that you will use in order to do some impact in the opposing team.

Let’s begin!



The Recon has access to two classes of primary weapons, they are Sniper Rifles and Designated Marksman Rifles.

To be more effective from the very start with this class, I recommend you sticking only to Sniper Rifles instead of choosing a Designated Marksman Rifle. The sniper rifles simply feel better and deal more damage.

If you plan on choosing a Designated Marksman Rifle, I recommend you taking the M110 as it is your best choice to kill players but if you try to aim as much as you can for the head.

Headshots with this weapon will deal an insane amount of damage.

For a Sniper Rifle you can choose whatever you feel comfortable with. I have been playing with the SV-98 and have make quite good progress with it. 2-shotting or 1-shotting opponents will be most common with this sniper rifle as it is very powerful and accurate.


For the pistols, you want to go with the Glock 18. That is the best pistol for every class in the game and you will need it if you end up having someone coming up on you or if you need to take out someone from a very close distance.

Primary & Secondary Gadgets

For the primary gadgets I highly recommend you using C4 and a lot of Claymore. The Claymore will help you to secure the area that you are at while sniping people from afar.

You never know when an enemy might try to sneak up on you so you better be ready and set up great defenses for your base.

 For the Secondary Gadget, you can use the Air Drone and attach bombs to it to drop on players and deal some more damage there. You can also use the Grappling Hook and get to different places much faster and get the high grounds.

That’s right. You need to focus on high grounds where players can’t catch onto you and defeat you.


When it comes to grenades and throwables, go for the Flashbangs as they can help you when things get spicy and players try to attack you from behind or even throw them far away and blind players which are trying to escape or attack at you or your teammates.

Tips & Tricks

Get yourself a range finder to see how far enemies are so you can set up your weapon higher or lower to make sure you get those sweet headshots.

And yes, HEADSHOTS are important for this class as you want to wipe out enemies as fast as you can. Don’t forget about your surroundings and make sure you protect yourself first at all costs.

Set up traps around you and always try to find a place where there is only one entrance and multiple exits from there.

This will allow you to enter this area first, protect it, and escape from it whenever you cannot defend it anymore.

And there we have it. That is the best Recon class that you can use in BattleBit Remastered.