BattleBit Remastered: Best Medic Class Guide

July 4, 2023
Alright Medics, it’s time to stand up for yourself and save your whole team.

The Medics in BattleBit remastered are often underestimated of the abilities that they have and the things that they can do. Each medic in each team is very important and without them, some teammates won’t have a second chance at life and will not get their health replenished much faster.

In this guide, we will learn more about the medic and how to make the best medic class in BattleBit Remastered.

Best Medic Class Guide

As we will continue on this guide, it is very important to know that the Medic is a class that gains the MOST XP per round.

For the medic, we will be covering the essentials, they are:

  • Armor Pieces
  • Loadouts
  • Tips and Tricks

How To Drag & Revive Players

There is a very important trick that not many players know that a Medic can do. That is dragging and reviving players at the same time.

To enable this option as a medic, you need to go to your controls and Toggle Dragging Players is OFF.

Once you have that, go to your keybinds and set the following combinations:


Make sure that there are no keybinds on the first slot for FIRST AID here to be able to drag and revive a player at once.



The best choices to run with your medics are the Assault Rifles and SMG’s.

We highly recommend you choosing the AK47 as your Assault Rifle automatic weapon because it will be great for you as it deals a lot of damage.

Your secondary weapon should be an SMG because you will want something to help you be fast and kill people at the same time.

The best choice for this option is the MP7 or a PP2000.


Pistols don’t really matter when it comes to the medic as you have an SMG. You can go for the Glock 18 or the Desert Eagle if you want to deal more damage by using pistols.

Primary & Secondary Gadget

This is a personal choice. But as a medic you want to focus more on helping out your teammates instead of dealing damage and kills.

A great option for that one is for you to get the M320 SMOKE GRENADE LAUNCHER. That is if you want to be focusing more on reviving and helping out.

Your secondary gadget is simple. You have a Medic Kit that you can drop down to your teammates to use and heal. The only choice, but a very good one for sure.


Flashbangs are the only throwables you want to use as a medic. This helps you clear out an area, allow you to run away from a certain scenario or even get a teammate revived.

Tips & Tricks

A very important thing to know about the medic as that he is a hard XP grinder. Per revive you get 400 XP which will grant you a lot of other attachments and unlock weapons for the future. You can revive very fast unlike the other classes.

Try seeing your squad mate’s health and make sure they are all full on HP so they stay alive for longer and deal more damage.

And there you have it. Not a very complex class to master but surely a fun one and a helpful one when it comes to getting extra XP for future weapons, loadouts and all sorts of combinations.