Autumnal Resplendence Stage Guide: Genshin Impact

Published: 12 Apr 2022
Let’s beat the third Autumnal Resplendence Stage!

There are 4 stages of difficulties in the Theater. The third one that we will be covering today is the Autumnal Resplendence stage. Here you will have 4 different quests, 2 being for normal difficulty, and the other 2 being for “Enter the Horde” difficulty. These stages are filled with monsters that you need to defeat in order to save your portal!

This guide will show you how to complete the Autumnal Resplendence stage in Genshin Impact.

Autumnal Resplendence Stage Guide: Genshin Impact

Once you open your adventure log and go to the Theater Mechanicus, you will select the third stage and see all the quests that are waiting for you to complete.

Go to your challenge, where you will travel to Ritou and meet Komakata. She is the Theater Mechanicus Representative.

Once you speak with her and are the Theater Mechanicus, you will get a menu of what machines are available for placement and at what difficulty you can attend the stage. When you read out all that, simply Start your Wave.

When you start your wave, you will have a menu with Fortune Sticks and Mystic Sticks. These sticks will buff your character and machines in the battleground.

You will have a total of 120 stick points to use. The sticks cost 10, 20, or 40 points, make your perfect combination of sticks and select Start Wave again.

The next step is to select the top 4 characters that you want to use for the battle.

Once you’ve selected your champion, you will be teleported to the arena where you enter the planning phase.

In this phase, you will be given time to make the perfect placement for machines in order to protect your blue portal. Walk up to the square stones in the ground and you will be able to start building.

In the normal mode, there will be two purple portals that are placed on the opposite side of the blue portal. Waves of monsters will continue to come from there until you slay them all.

On the left side of the screen, you have 4 important things to keep an eye on:

  • Current Score
  • Monsters Killed (demon head icon)
  • Construction Points (Hammer Icon)
  • Machines Constructed (Tower Icon)

Once you defeat all the monsters, the stage will end and you can redeem your rewards.

When the machines have been perfectly placed, and you feel ready for fighting, simply press “P” and start the wave.

As you continue killing monsters and the number of enemies remaining gets lower, stronger and faster mobs will continue to spawn and try to take your portal.

Once you’ve killed all the monsters, the arena fight will stop and a pop-up menu will come up saying that you have ended the stage. In this menu, you will see the number of opponents defeated, and your Stage Score.