Atomic Heart – Wanted Dead Or Alive Quest Guide

February 23, 2023
Check out this guide to complete the Wanted Dead or Alive quest in Atomic Heart!

Atomic Heart is a first-person shooter that places in a dystopian world where robots have taken over humans and you need to find a way to stop those superpowered machines by using everything at your disposal. As you progress through the main story, you will need to search for Viktor Petrov in the Wanted Dead or Alive quest.

This guide will tell you how to complete the Wanted Dead or Alive: Viktor Petrov quest in the game.

Wanted Dead Or Alive Quest Guide

During the third mission of the game, you will notice a man being pulled through the door by the two mechanical arms and then getting hanged in the air during a cutscene.

Go straight and soon a robot will break through the wall to appear in front of you, these are forearmed enemies that can perform a powerful attack to take you down.

You can press Left Shift to dodge these attacks when the red highlight appears on the enemy.

Equip the Swede and then dodge the incoming attacks performed by the robot. After taking down the robot, head into the room with the large window and hold F near the supplies to collect all of them at once.

Grab all the supplies that you can and then proceed further to defeat enemies in the corridor.

Follow the markers to examine the door on your right and you will soon realize that is locked. It’s time to go straight and enter through the door to initiate another cutscene.

The screen will go black and another cutscene sequence will begin with the doctor trying to revive you.

However, the calm won’t last long as a hitler robot will soon burn everything in the room with his laser eyes and will toss you into the next room.

You will need to avoid getting hit by the laser eyes of the robot and the key is to dodge at the perfect time. Use your axe to attack him when the opportunity arrives and be prepared to dodge as the robot is swift and agile.

Don’t give him a chance to power up his attack as they can easily reduce a large chunk of your health. After the fight ends, you will need to unlock the door on your right by pushing all the elements with your finger.

The direction of the lightbulb will change after each click and each retracted element will move the bulb faster. You need to snap your fingers at the exact moment when the locking pin goes.

Open the door to proceed further through the creepy-looking corridor with a red flashing bulb on the other side. Interact with the large red machine to initiate the cutscene where the robot will grab you and fight against you but will eventually release you.

Now you will be able to upgrade your weapons, unlock new skills and craft weapons by using this NORA repair vendor machine

Select the “SHOK” skill and then open the door on the right to enter the next area.Loot all the supplies in the room and the quest will be completed as you exit through the door.

That’s it, you have successfully completed the “Wanted Dead or Alive” quest in Atomic Heart!

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