Atomic Heart: The Station Master Combination Lock – Door Code

February 21, 2023
Time to find the correct code and activate the cable car line!

Unlocking doors is easily one of the most annoying and perhaps boring parts of Atomic Hearts. In order to deactivate the lock in the station master’s office, you will need to search the cable car for the code. During your search for Petrov in the Wanted Dead or Alive mission, you will need to solve this puzzle in the Vavilov Complex.

This guide will tell you how to unlock the door in the Station Master’s office.

The Station Master Combination Lock – Door Code

The code for the lock can be found by interacting with the chatty corpse lying next to it. Use your scanner to find the corpse and then talk to it. Ask the dead body about the code and he will start panicking about it before telling you that the station master had the code in his possession before his death.

Head through the narrow pathway next to the cable car and you will soon find the dead station master near the tunnel. Take a look at the piece of paper next to his feet and make sure to remember it to unlock the door.

Note down the bulb highlighted through the arrow as they show the sequence of bulbs that you need to press on the lock. Return back to the position of the lock and enter the sequence shown above to enter the office and activate the cable car line.

That’s it, you have successfully solved the Station Master lock puzzle in the game!

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