Atomic Heart – How To Pick Locks

February 21, 2023
Learn how to pick locks and enter the door!

As you explore the dystopian robot world of Atomic Hearts, you will often come across locked doors that will prevent you from progressing further. There are different types of doors that you unlock by using a lockpick to gain access to different rooms containing valuable items and gear crucial to the story.

This guide will tell you how to pick locks in Atomic Hearts.

How To Pick Locks

There are four different types of locks that you will encounter in the game. The first is the standard lock shown above which is perhaps the easiest one to unlock.

You just need to rotate the wires to find the correct angle and then press the button prompts shown on your screen.

Use the left joystick to rotate the cable and then press the X button to turn the lock horizontally. When the lock turns at a 90-degree angle, it will get automatically opened.

This can take some time as you need to rotate it left and right until you find the perfect angle. You don’t need to worry about breaking the door or the lock as it does not require a lockpick

The next lock is the finger-snapping lock and it is one of the most annoying locks that you will come across in the game.

The key to unlocking this lock is to snap the fingers at the right time when the red bulb is flashing on the pin.

Press the action button when the light below the capacitor is flashing and make sure to keep an eye on the timer in the middle. The lock will open up after all the pins get snapped inside.

With each snap, the light will change its direction and move faster so you need to be careful. Since you have a limited time duration before the lock resets itself, it’s best to focus on one light at a time instead of following the light around.

If you accidentally snap a pin that has been already unlocked then it will lock again which can be really frustrating.

The third lock is the Pattern light lock which is one of the more tougher and complicated locks in the game. It contains a white module with plenty of buttons that light up when you press them.

In order to unlock them, you will need to enter and press the correct sequence of lights which can be often derived from clues found in the game’s environment.

You will notice the patterns written by NPCs on walls, doors or paper that will help you enter the exact sequence.

Thankfully, you can take your sweet time to unlock the lock as there are no consequences if you enter an incorrect sequence as well as the lack of a timer constantly ticking away.

Look for a drawing of the correct pattern in nearby rooms and then remember the combination once you find it.

Last but not least is the colour pattern lock where you need to rotate the coloured dots in the inner circle so that they can match the bulbs in the outer ring of the lock.

You will need to rotate the dots in order to match their corresponding light bulbs on the outside.

The best way is to match one of the dots first and then change the position of the rest of the dots to check how far they are from their desired position.

After all the three dots perfectly match up with the bulbs on the outside, the lock will be open allowing you to enter inside.

That’s it, these are all the locks that you will come across in Atomic Hearts!