Atomic Heart: How To Get Makarov Pistol (MP)

February 23, 2023
Check out this guide to unlock the Makarov Pistol (MP) in Atomic Heart!

Atomic Heart puts you in the shoes of Major P-3 aka Sergei Nechaev tasked with the objective of preventing robot domination in a highly scientific utopian world and finding the traitor that set them loose. During your journey, you will need to fight against powerful robots and the Makarov Pistol can be your great ally.

This guide will tell you how to find the Makarov Pistol (MP)  in Atomic Heart.

How To Get Makarov Pistol (MP)

The Makarov Pistol is a great alternative to the shotgun that you get at the beginning of the game. It offers a faster fire rate while providing a decent level of damage even before you manage to fully upgrade it.

The gun has a history of being used by Vostok cosmonauts as a part of their equipment kit which makes it a reliable choice for killing enemies in a tight squeeze.

The best part about it is that it can be found in the very first mission of the game when you are trying to find Petrov, the man responsible for the robotic uprising. It can be found during the “In Hot Pursuit” quest in the game.

After you meet him, he will lock the door of the warehouse and escape forcing you to search for an alternative path around it. Head up through the staircase on your left and eliminate the Laborer and Pchela robots that you encounter on the way.

Grab the orange orb next to the door called the candle and place it on the red handle highlighted by the marker. Next, go up via the staircase on your right to enter the room on your left.

Here you will come across a dead soldier sitting on the chair near the desk. You will find the Makarov Pistol lying on the ground beside the soldier.

Use your Polymer Glove to collect the pistol and you will be good to go. Unfortunately, there isn’t any ammo in the pistol yet but you will find it along with the upgrades as you progress further into the story.

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