Atomic Heart – How To Get Fox Weapon

February 21, 2023
Check out this guide to acquire the Fox melee weapon in Atomic Hearts!

Atomic Heart is easily one of the most highly anticipated FPS titles for this year that puts players in the middle of the Soviet Union where superpowered robots dominate over humans.In order to survive in this dystopian world, the game offers a wide range of arsenals including ranged as well as melee weapons such as the Fox.

This guide will tell you how to get the Fox weapon in the game.

How To Get Fox Weapon

The Fox is a melee weapon that you can use single-handedly to deliver deadly blows to enemies at a short range. While it may lack the agility or satisfaction offered by ranged weapons, it can still be pretty useful for getting out of a squeeze in a room full of enemies.

While the damage dealt by the weapon isn’t extraordinary, it can be easily upgraded using low-value resources through NORA repairing vendors.

There are plenty of buffs on offer that can further enhance the abilities of this head smasher such as a speed boost and AoE stun.

Once fully upgraded, it can be a powerful melee ally as it can help you collect twice as much energy even when your health bar is half full.

In order to find the blueprint for the Fox, you will need to search for a chest during the “In Hot Pursuit” quest.

After travelling through the Vavilox Complex Cable Car, head into the breakroom by climbing through walls to reach another locked station.

You will soon get an objective where you need to Cross the Seedbank, turn right to climb the wooden boxes and then jump onto the silver platform there.

Soon you will arrive at a platform with plenty of large chests where you will find the blueprint for the Fox in one of the chests.

Some players have claimed that they were also able to find the weapon in the room where the NORA repairing vendor machine was located.

Make sure to check all the chests in the area for the blueprint as the exact location can vary for each playthrough.

That’s it, now go ahead and craft the weapon using the blueprint to get the Fox!