Astroneer: How To Get Infinite Bytes

Published: 14 Jul 2022
Check out this guide to farm unlimited bytes in Astroneer!

Astroneer is a sandbox adventure game where players can colonise entire planets by exploring outer space, creating structures and managing resources. This guide will tell you how to create infinite bytes and become rich in the game.

Astroneer: How To Get Infinite Bytes

Bytes are the virtual currency used to unlock or purchase schematics and obtain new items in the game. They can be obtained by researching different objects or collecting research samples such as clown hats or big saucepans.

You can create an automated farm to earn unlimited bytes by using resources such as Astronium.

In order to produce bytes, we are going to scan Astronium in our research chamber which will give us 1000 bytes every 25 minutes.

If you grab a consumed Astronium that has a few bytes left to research and if you put it in a canister, you will get 1000 fresh bytes.Now that we know this trick we can reuse one single ore of Astronium without having to search for new ones in the core.

Place a large platform and a research chamber, and add RTG which will supply 4 units of power per second. You can use any other power source but make sure you are producing at least 4 units of power per second otherwise this farm may not work as intended.

Add an auto arm picker with its green area facing towards the outside of the research chamber.

You will also need to add a small platform with another arm facing the opposite way with its green area reaching into the research chamber. Make sure that both of them are receiving power.

Now it’s time to add another small platform and canister to enable output. If the output is enabled, you should see the description saying disable output.

Make sure that this canister’s output is within the green area of the first auto arm so that it can collect Astronium from the canister and within the blue area of the other arm so it can collect that one too.

Time to take advantage of the canister’s behaviour and place it one of them with six resources on the platform. It could be any resource such as the chip compound.

Next, place the large storage container on the platform and leave only six slots available so you will need to fill up one slot with anything you want.

Now we need to get a signal every minute so let’s place two count repeaters, with the one at the bottom set it to 5 and leave the one at the top set to 2.

5×2= 10 and the canister is able to count 6 items corresponding to 6 seconds, 6 seconds multiplied by 10= 60 seconds which equals one minute. The first set of repeaters will count minutes, since it takes 25 minutes to produce 1000 bytes, we will need to count 24 minutes accounting for the lag.

Let’s place two more repeaters to count to 24 and set the first counter to 8 and the second one to 3 because 8 x 3 = 24.

Now connect the minutes counter to the second counter and make sure to wire it to the counter on the bottom.

Pull the wire from the counters on the platform and hook it temporarily to the ground. We will be now receiving a signal roughly every 24 minutes and that’s why you need to ensure that the research chamber has enough power. If it receives less than 3 units of power per second, it will run slower and it won’t be synchronized with the clock we created.

Now let’s set a storage sensor set to full or empty and hook it to the ground then create a line that goes to the canister and one that goes to the count repeaters. This will be triggered every time the six compound ores are collected or dispensed starting our clock

The target pin on the ground is going to disable the chamber so that Astronium can be collected and stored in the canister. The pickup arm will collect the Astronium coming out of the canister and put it into the research chamber.

Now pull the wire coming from the minute counter then pin it into the ground.

Pull this wire from the ground and connect it to the research chamber, auto arm and one to the delay repeater set to 25 ticks. The delay will make sure to switch off the auto arm after it has deposited the Astronium ore into the canister.

You can connect another wire from the delay repeater to the research chamber to activate it again. Make sure to also add a filter to the auto arm so they don’t grab any other items and ensure that the auto arm on your left is set to on.

If you wish this setup on your own, put an Astronium into the chamber, and put a button repeater to make the chamber and clock run at the same time. Pull two lines, one going towards the chamber and the other towards the canister of the clock.

That’s it, now go ahead and create this setup to enjoy unlimited bytes in the game!