Astroneer: How To Fully Automate Train Loading And Unloading

July 14, 2022
Check out this guide to automate the train loading and unloading process in Astroneer!

Astroneer is a sandbox adventure game where players can colonise entire planets by exploring outer space, creating structures and managing resources. This guide will tell you how to fully automate train loading and unloading.

Astroneer: How To Fully Automate Train Loading And Unloading

First, you need to place down two stations, one to load those resources and another to unload them and connect them using rails.

Place any storage that you want on the unloading station depending on whether you want fast or slow unloading. Provide power to one of these stations which can be easily done since rail lines can transmit power.

In this case, we will be extracting compounds and using an auto arm for loading them onto the train. Connect both of them using power but don’t switch on the auto arm just yet. You can set a filter to ensure the auto arm just grabs the resource of your choice.

Next, you will need to add storage to the loading station to store the compound that you have extracted. For the loading station settings, we will set the stop mode to disabled and the loading mode to load stopped cars.

For the unloading station, we will be setting the stop mode to disabled and the loading mode to unload all stopped cars. We don’t need to stop all cars since they will be stopped anyway as there are no rails after the station.

Time to grab a rail car with a large storage container and place it at the loading station. Get a storage sensor and proximity repeater sensor.

Attach the storage sensor on the left side of the storage on the rail car and set it to full or not full. Place the proximity sensor on top of the storage and you are good to go.

Turn on the pickup arm and resource extractor and wait for the train to be fully loaded. After the train is fully loaded, the sensor will tell it to go to the next station and after it gets unloaded, it will return back to the loading station.

This will automate the loading and unloading process and you can sit back and relax as the train transport the goods from one station to another.