Asterigos: How To Upgrade Element Enchantites Damage

October 12, 2022
Check this guide and learn How to Upgrade Element Enchantites Damage in Asterigos!

Asterigos is a newly released RPG that has mechanics inspired by Roman and Greek mythology. Players are going to discover some of the forgotten secrets and hidden paths in the fantasy world and forge their way through legions of unique foes and mythical bosses.

Elemental Enchantites are very important to upgrade because they will give you elemental magic attacks like Fire or Astral, and by upgrading it you will increase the elemental damage which is very crucial for the big fights, and deal tons of damage with your magic build.

In this guide, we will show you How To Upgrade Element Enchantites Damage in Asterigos!

How To Upgrade Element Enchantites Damage – Asterigos

If you want to have powerful magic spells and attacks, then you must know how to upgrade your element enchantites. By upgrading them, you make them deal more Elemental damage and increase their damage rate.

Starting from the shelter at Minerva, in order to upgrade them, go through the hall and you will find the NPC Vulcane who is the blacksmith.

Talk to her, and one of the options that she will give you is “Upgrade Enhancements”, which will let you upgrade your enhancements to boost the elemental attack damage.

Unfortunately, this option is not available at the beginning, and you will have to unlock it first before using it. All you need to do is bring the toolbag to Vulcane which can be found in the Arches Bazaar.

To get there, you need to start from Citizen Square and then go to the first right and you are going to go down to the pathway that goes to the Academy.

If you search the area directly to the left side, there is an open door that goes into a storage room. Inside this room, you will be able to find the toolbag that you need to collect and bring to Vulcane.

Once you bring it to Vulcane, you can use it by talking to her and when you give her the toolbag, she will unlock the feature where you can increase your enhancement upgrades for all of the four enchantites in the game.

As you can see it increases your element attack and your Element Damage rate