Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Rothaset Boss Fight Guide

August 5, 2022
Here you can learn how to defeat the Hel Queen of Nifileim!

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has recently been updated with a new free DLC, The Forgotten Saga where players will enjoy the quests and encounter plenty of new bosses. On your way to save your son, you will have to fight with Hel, Queen of Niflheim and it could be a good advantage if you know some of her mechanics.

This guide will show you How to defeat Hel Queen of Niflheim in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Rothaset Boss Fight Guide

Hel Queen is an Isu and the goddess of the underworld of death in Helheim in Norse Mythology.

Before you fight her, you have to discover the Rothaset area which is located at the specific area marked on the world map below.

You will notice the big entrance at the high stairs going up through the big gate.

That is the way that will bring you to Hel Queen of Nilfheim.

Once you come to the top, you will approach the home of Hel Queen and she will be sitting surrounded by her roots on the flying throne.

At this point, there will be a short cinematic about the story of the game where Havi is asking for his son, Baldr.

After their short dialogue, Hel Queen will refuse to show Baldr, and then her monster dog will appear where the battle is going to start.

At the beginning of the fight, you have to kill Garmr first, which is her monster pet. For this fight, it is quite easy because it requires only a few melee attacks to defeat it.

You can also use your ranged attack with your bow but won’t deal much damage. However, get closer and personal to it and even if you take some damage, it won’t hurt you much.

Once her pet is defeated, Hel Queen will start attacking you. The first basic attack that you have to be aware of is her melee sword attack.

While she is performing this attack, you can still use your axe and do melee damage, because she won’t deal lot of damage to you.

After you give her a hit or two, she will jump back in a distance, and then she will charge and jump back towards you and attack with her charged sword hit and perform a combo of a few hits on you.

You can avoid this attack of her by slide jumping on the sides on the right time before she comes so near to you.

It’s best to keep attacking her with your ax while she is flying around you because that’s the most damage that you can deal to her.

After a while, once you drop her health bar almost empty. She will start spawning her roots and phase 2 of the battle will begin.

At this part of the fight, Hel Queen will use the roots as her legs and she will do attacks you with the roots.

As you stand in one position, she will mark your location and you have to move and run away from the same spot to avoid her root attack, which is one of her special attacks in this phase of the fight.

You have to be careful and run around because she will perform a few attacks at the last position of your standing.

Once she is done with this attack on you, she will stop and go back to her normal form using her sword. Now, you just need to run directly to her and continue hitting with your ax.

This time, while you are doing melee hits on her, instead of bouncing back, she will use her root on the ground to do a circle attack with it.

It’s a bit hard almost impossible to avoid this attack, but anyway it doesn’t deal huge damage.

After she uses her root on the ground, she will jump away from you, she will mark your location where you stand and she will spawn a big root with spikes coming out of the ground.

Because you will see a marked circle on the ground, you have enough time to run out of the circle and avoid the huge damage of this special attack of Hel Queen.

After that, her next attack will be jumping toward you and trying to attack you with her sword.

Because she is far, you can see the direction where she is going and just do a slide move or run on the sides to avoid her sword attack.

She will land next to you, then hit her a few more times with the melee attack and she will be defeated.

Once you defeat her, they will have another dialogue, and then she will teleport Havi to his son Baldr, where the game story will go on.