Armored Core 6: Infiltrate Grid 086 Battle Log Walkthrough

August 26, 2023
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The action-packed game, Armored Core 6 is full of missions which run parallel to the story progression. Shooters need to complete these missions, so that they can earn in-game money which they can later use to customize their Mech. Infiltrate Grid 086 is the very first mission players face in Chapter 2, after they are through Chapter 1.

Infiltrate Grid 086 Battle tasks players with reaching the center of the Grid’s lower level and eliminating the autonomous Smart Cleaner Boss. These Cleaners are hard to take down, so shooters find its weak spots and exploit it. Gamers who complete this mission on the second chapter will earn collectibles as well. Here’s a detailed walkthrough on the Infiltrate Grid 086 Battle in Armored Core 6.

Infiltrate Grid 086 Battle Log Walkthrough

Shooters need a proper strategy before taking on any mission in Armored Core 6. They can start the Infiltrate Grid 086 mission by moving through the path they are presented. While they are on the move, they need to destory any Mech that they come across. When the option of flying to the next level is ready, face off with Mad Stomp or “ Invincible” Rummy, a minor boss in Armored Core 6.

Regular players of the game shouldn’t experience difficulty facing off against the boss, so defeat Mad Stomp and move higher up in the facility. Shooters will end up in a open area where they will encounter Mechs, destroy them to earn COAM and go the the objective marker. There one can find a door, interact with it and move across the vents.

Shooters need to get out of the facility and reach the open area where they will find a Catapult. They can use the Catapult, after which they will be assigned a new task of eliminating a enemy squad. Gamers need to enihilate the whole squad, then move through the open doors and later use the Supply option.

The mission will come to and end after one defeats the Smart Cleaner Boss in Armored Core 6. The boss is powerful but lack agility, that is what shooters need to exploit during the battle. Players can either exploit the chimney at the top or the vent on its chest, maintain appropriate distance and dodge well.

Infiltrate Grid 086 Battle : Collectibles

Shooters who can make their way through the Infiltrate Grid 086 mission in Chapter 2, will be rewarded for their efforts. The Mechs should be easier to defeat, challenge comes in the form of the Smart Cleaner Boss. Shooters who exploit its weakness will end on the wining side and earn themselves 160,000 COAM as a reward.